Michael Jackson’s Nose Is More Collapsed Than Ever

More plastic surgeons are weighing in on Michael Jackson’s nose following his shock court appearance this week in Santa Monica. “His nose is more collapsed than it ever was. That’s also consistent with the fact he’s been walking around wearing surgical masks in recent times,” Beverly Hills plastic surgeon Dr. Richard Fleming told Reuters on Friday. “I would never go back and do work on Michael Jackson’s nose… it is just too risky.”

Jay Leno Jokes About Jacko And

November 15, 2002 – Jay Leno joked about Michael Jackson and in his Tonight Show monologue on Friday. “Yesterday, Michael Jackson showed up four hours late at the Santa Monica court house, where he’s on trial for allegedly backing out of an agreement,” Jay explained. “He was four hours late. Apparently, he wandered into juvenile court by mistake. [ Imitating Michael ] ‘Hey, what’s going on in here?’ [ Laughter ] ‘Hey, I like this trial better.'”

As for Lopez, Jay joked, “You know, getting married again. You know this woman is amazing. She really is amazing. She’s got movies coming out, she’s got a hit CD, she’s got TV deal, she’s doing concerts, she has her own restaurant, she has her own perfume line, yet, she still finds time to get married two or three times a year. [Laughter] You know, that’s fabulous. That’s fabulous. [Applause] Jennifer Lopez says she and Ben haven’t set a date for the wedding yet. She wants it to be special, so she’s looking on the calendar to find a date on which she hasn’t been married before.”

Jacko Cares About His Appearance To The Extreme

November 15, 2002 – Temple University psychiatrist Dr. Edward Volkman tells TheDenverChannel.com that Michael Jackson is not nuts. Volkman says we all care about our appearance, but Michael’s behavior is an extreme version of normal. “His appearance is his living,” Volkman said. “He appears on stage. He’s an entertainer. He’s also a perfectionist as can be seen in his music videos and his music. You take that degree of perfectionism, you apply that to your appearance and you keep trying to make it better. His tragedy is, each time he does it, he looks worse.”

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One thought on “Michael Jackson’s Nose Is More Collapsed Than Ever

  1. Sally says:

    Really Jay, you’re such a loser, and that’s me being nice. Don’t kick down someone at their lowest point, that’s stupid BS.

    You’ve lost all my respect.

    But you know what? Michael will always be the greatest of all time, and innocent, ffs! Period.

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