Jacko’s Whiter Shade Of Pale

The Evening Standard reports shocked those in attendance a charity event in Beverly Hills the other night with his ghostly white complexion. “It looked as if he’d dunked his face in a bowl of talcum powder,” an onlooker remarked. “But his face actually is that pale. He looks positively scary – like a ghost. It’s hard to believe Michael Jackson used to be a black man. Now he looks like a very odd white woman.”

Jackson Picks Best Songs For ‘Number Ones’

2, 2003 – Contributed by ballersfantasy: The November 18th release of Michael Jackson’s ‘Number Ones’ consists of sixteen of his biggest hits and also includes the new song ‘One More Chance,’ written by R. Kelly. The songs chosen for the album weren’t limited to U.S. number ones, as some of the songs included are a handful of U.K. chart-toppers like ‘Black or White’ and ‘You Are Not Alone.’ Songs like ‘You Rock My World,’ ‘Thriller’ and ‘Smooth Criminal’ weren’t number ones hits on either side of the Atlantic. The collection dates back to his 1972 song ‘Ben,’ and running through ‘Break of Dawn,’ from last year’s ‘Invincible’. A fifteen-song DVD with the same title is also in the works for a November release, including legendary videos like ‘Thriller,’ ‘Bad’ and ‘Beat It.’

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4 thoughts on “Jacko’s Whiter Shade Of Pale

  1. anti_avril says:

    Looks like Justin went over the edge to be like his idol.

  2. plo says:

    In Living Color did a sketch on that years ago to the tune of Black or White. They showed the many faces of Wacko-Jacko and how his face changed over the years.

  3. JJ says:

    It’s vitiligo,isn’t it?

  4. norah says:

    it does not what Michael did to his face. ITS HIS FACE!why does John Landis have a beard for 25 years???if people had $$ they will do a lot to themselves too! they will never admit it but its true. Look at the stuff lotto winners do when they win big.. Its Michael’s business what he does to himself, his face, his home…he can call his home what ever he wants..it s HIS HOME!i dunno why people carry on like this! why aren’t they talking about people ruining the earth for their own gain-mafia or robberies or murders etc WHY ARE THEY SO FIXATED ABOUT MICHAEL’S FACE! I deal with this all the time with people I work with. Because I m very private and do not talk about my private life etc. they make up stories about me and it spreads like wildfire.and I am a civilian-not a celebrity.I cannot imagine how awful it was for Michael to deal with all the crap he had to all his life. When will they let you rest in peace, Michael, when ?????

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