Jacko’s Young Nieces And Nephews Get Teased At School

Michael Jackson’s spiritual adviser Firpo Carr was on CNN on Saturday to discuss the singer’s child molestation case. Host Andrea Koppel asked how the King of Pop and his family were doing, and Carr responded, “Well, Michael is cautiously optimistic. He knows he’s innocent of the charges filed against him. The family’s obviously concerned, they’re understandably concerned. They have their children, Katherine Jackson, Mrs. Jackson, Michael’s mother’s — mother, her children, grandchildren, other relatives are under the emotional crush of all of this. It’s kind of sad, most people don’t know that when his young nieces and nephews go to school and what have you, they get teased, Your uncle’s a molester, that sort of thing. These are things off camera, if you will, or out of the news. But it’s a great emotional toll on the family.” Check out the entire interview here.

Bad News At Neverland

January 3, 2004 – Jay Leno joked during his Tonight Show monologue on Friday night, “ announced this week that the Neverland Ranch is no longer home to him. That he can’t go back there anymore. Which, of course is really bad news for the kids locked in the crawl space.”

CBS And NY Times In Beef Over $1M Jacko Interview Claim

January 2, 2004 – Roger Friedman of FoxNews.com is throwing more heat at Sharon Waxman of the New York Times after her article claiming CBS paid Michael Jackson $1 million for his ’60 Minutes’ interview. Friedman claims she used two sources for this scoop: former Jackson manager Dieter Wiesner (unnamed in the article) and Us Weekly’s Ian Drew, who he criticized for an earlier report that Johnnie Cochran was taking over the Jackson case from attorney Mark Geragos. Read more.

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