Jackson Family Attorney Addresses Questions After Michael’s Death

Jackson family attorney Londell McMillan talked to CNN’s Don Lemon about lingering questions over Michael Jackson’s death. McMillan told Lemon a will has not surfaced since the pop star’s death and that the singer’s mother, Katherine Jackson, is seeking custody of his two children. “Well, if there is no will, then under the state of California it goes to the next of kin. That’s an adult to administer and oversee the best interests of the children and that would be Mr. and Mrs. Jackson,” McMillan said. “And Katherine Jackson is the duly appointed person.” McMillan added, “She will seek custody of the children. That’s who Michael would have wanted to have the children, she loves them dearly.” Video of the interview at Turner.com has since been removed.

‘Reliable Sources’ Tackles Posthumous News Coverage

June 29, 2009 – ‘Reliable Sources’ host Howard Kurtz discussed whether the media have been focusing mostly on Michael Jackson’s music while ignoring the weirdness factor with The St. Petersburg Times media critic Eric Deggans, investigative journalist Diane Dimond, and ‘Extra’ correspondent Carlos Diaz. Video of the segment, aired Sunday (June 28), has since been removed at Turner.com.

Damizza Remembers Warm And Kind Hearted Michael Jackson

June 28, 2009 – Record producer Damizza checked in with fans on his blog at MySpace (@damizza) on Saturday (June 27), reacting to the death of Michael Jackson. The Baby Ree Records boss writes:

I was so taken aback to my child hood this week when I heard of Mike death… The times I met him and spent time at Neverland was truly an experience I’m thankful for. He was a warm kind hearted man that did not deserve the press’ treatment of him.

We need to all take a page out of his book and be kind to one another..

A true legend in every sense of the word…. one of the last TRUE entertainers has passed.. but his legacy moonwalks on.

Thank you mike..

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One thought on “Jackson Family Attorney Addresses Questions After Michael’s Death

  1. Janice says:

    Mr. Londell McMillian appears to be the Most Legal Minded
    Christian acting, loving common sence individual that
    is a part of Jackson’s inner circle.

    As a child advocate I am delighted that the children have an advocate in Londell.

    These Children need the strenght, love, security of a person like their grandmother.
    hopefully Aunt Janet will get her chance to be a great Aunt as she would be a wonderful Mother herself.

    Thank God the California Judge used common sence there is NOTHING like a Grandmothers Love.
    God Bless Mrs. Jackson in her time of grief that her heart is with the children that Michael Loved…………

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