Jada Busy On Choreography For Live Shows

April Forrest of checked in with fans on the Boston girl group’s blog at MySpace (@jada) on Thursday (April 30), talking about preparations for live shows coming up. Forrest writes:

We just spent a week working on choreography for our live shows. Keep a look out for updates on our summer concerts…. super psyched to be doing KISS Concert Boston on May 17!!!!! There’s a bunch of other great shows in the works too. Other radio station concerts so that’s cool that we get to re- visit many of the friends we made on our radio tour. :)

We got to work with choreographer Adrian from the Amount Boyz again- he also did the choreo for our video! We love him so much. He totally whipped us into shape- it was great. You guys are gonna love the dancing! His assistant Hollywood was amazing too. They were so fun to be around……probably because they are just as goofy as we are (haha) I miss them already. :( It’s all good though because we will definitely be seeing them again soon!

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