Jada Filming ‘American Cowboy’ Video In Los Angeles

Lauren O’Keefe of checked in with fans on the Boston girl group’s blog at MySpace (@jada) on Sunday (March 15), talking about shooting their debut music video for ‘American Cowboy’ soon. O’Keefe tells readers:

Hello friends and fans of the world! lol Just wanted to let you all know that we are getting ready to shoot our music video for our single “American Cowboy” in LA!! It will be our FIRST music video and we are so excited… we can’t wait! We will be flying out a few days before the shoot to rehearse with our amazing choreographer Adrian Wilshire of the Amount Boyz and have our wardrobe styled by the fabulous Laury Smith. Yay! The video is being directed by Ray Kay (Lady Gaga’s “Pokerface”) who is incredible! We are also so excited to have our dear friend and hair genius Nelson with us to make our hair super fierce! The video is going to be a crazy fun party scene shot at the fabulous nightclub LAX and some of our friends might make a cameo! What better way to shoot a video than with your friends, right? We then roll right into some radio station visits in L.A., San Diego and Phoenix, AZ. Get ready for some ninja-tastic Jadaness! Stay tuned next week when we tell you all about the shoot…!

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  1. elaina says:

    Jada rocks!

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