Jada Had A Blast At Chickenfest

Elle Wine of checked in with fans on the Boston girl group’s blog at MySpace (@jada) on Monday (July 13), talking about the band’s Chickenfest performance in Darboy, Wisconsin last month. Wine writes:

Anywhooooo… I DO want to tell you guys about our trip to Wisconsin to perform with Brook Hogan and Tina Parol at Chicken Fest for 95.9 KissFM. So it all started when we landed in Appleton, WI in a quaint little airport and we were greeted by the one and only AND AMAZING Uitenbroek family! It was Cliff, Chris, and Jess at the airport with signs that said “Welcome to Wisconsin JADA”! Right off the bat they were so sweet to us and I immediately knew that we were in good hands.

…Then off to meet Dayton from 95.9 KissFM to do an interview under sunny skies. He was a blast and we wrapped it up just in time to beat the raindrops.

Finally, the show was great! We had a blast on stage and Tina and Brooke really rocked it. Loved Verona Grove too. It was a huge turnout and again everyone was truly so amazing to us and we couldn’t have asked for anything more from anyone! The fans in Darboy were phenomenal and I love every one of them who stuck around after the show to get our autographs…you guys were awesome! Love you!

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