Jada Working On New Songs In Miami

Jacyn Tremblay of checked in with fans on the group’s blog at MySpace (@jada) on Saturday (May 3). She writes:

We are in Miami right now (last minute weekend trip!) and we’re doing some HOT new songs for the album with Danja and writer Jim Beam! We thought we were done recording BUT when you are offered MORE hot songs from these guys–you can’t refuse them! We spent a total of 28 minutes in the sun this morning before having to get sort of pretty for ‘work’. After hitting the big ‘SB’–(Starbucks) to prep for the long day – we rolled into the Hit Factory in our luxury Kia Sedona.. lol… and began to crank out 1 of 3 songs in 2 DAYS (yes that is crazy)! We love working here at the HF – everyone is really cool and they always have a freshly stocked fruit basket in the studio – which we attack and demolish!

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