Jade Ewen’s Favorite Sugababes Songs

Jade Ewan is joined by her Sugababes bandmate Heidi Range as she talks about her favorite song from the girl group before she became a memberThe latest video from the features new member Jade Ewen revealing her favorite Sugababes song before she joined the band.

“It’s always a really difficult question for me to answer because I have two,” Jade explained. “I’d say ‘Stronger’ and ‘Freak’. They’re completely different, but I just love the fact that in both of them the girls are incredible vocalists and you get to really hear them sing.”

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Original Lineup To Reunite… Or Not

November 17, 2009 – It’s rumored the original Sugababes – Keisha Bunchanan, Mutya Buena and Siobhán Donaghy – are getting back together with the help of Katie Price’s PR guru Claire Powell. Watch a report from ITN below.

Keisha has since shot down the report, telling her Twitter followers (@keisha_buchanan):

:) I’m not re-forming the sugababes. We’ve spoken & I’m pleased they’ve lent me their support & vice versa. But we’re 100% NOT reforming xxx

I’m talking about the original line up by the way ;-) xxx


Jade Ewan and Heidi Range of SugababesNovember 11, 2009 – The latest ‘About A Girl’ video features Sugababes members Jade Ewan and Heidi Range discussing their aspirations for the future.

“I would really like to be a part of, hopefully, the biggest selling Sugababes album,” Jade said, having just replaced the girl group’s last founding member Keisha Buchanan. “Hopefully for the next album, because I plan on their being lots more.” Heidi agreed, adding that they have “a new challenge” with another band shakeup.

Video of the commentary has since been removed.

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