James Blunt Is A Love Rat, Claims His Alleged One Night Lover

Jenna MacDonald tells News of the World she had a fling with just days before the singer claimed he was a one woman man with supermodel Petra Nemcova. “He took things really slowly and was very gentle,” she said. “All the time he was whispering in my ear, saying I was gorgeous. I wasn’t that impressed when he took off his clothes he was a bit scrawny, especially for a former soldier. But he more than made up for it with his smooth technique. As he slowly slipped off my jeans and removed the top I had on I could tell he was experienced. I was mortified because I wasn’t wearing sexy underwear, just plain white. But he didn’t seem to notice. Afterwards I asked if he would sing to me and he said, ‘No, but I can make love to you’, and started all over again.” Now, the 21-year-old student nurse fumes, “He’s a rat and people need to know the truth about him.”

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