James Blunt Q&A

MuchMusic.com caught up with for a Coupla Questions, including his reasoning for signing with a smaller, independent label for his debut album. “I was offered a deal with Custard Records, an independent label, they hadn’t got anyone else on their books,” Blunt explained. “I was the first signing so they had no experience with it either. And they didn’t have the money of a large corporation. But they did offer me the chance to work with a producer of my choice and also to have complete control of the album – to make the album that I wanted to and have artistic control. And that seemed really relevant. There were downsides, they had no distribution sorted out, so that’s why I’ve now got Atlantic Records as the distributor. But overall it was just that belief in what I was doing, that was so important to me.”

The story at muchmusic.com has since been removed.

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