James DeBarge’s Mother Believes Janet Has Secret Baby

Janet Jackson’s former mother-in-law Etterline DeBarge tells The New York Daily News she’s “always believed” the singer secretly gave birth more than 20 years ago, but she’s never seen proof the alleged mystery kid exists. “I’ve always believed that. Of course I do,” said James DeBarge’s mother. “I knew she was pregnant. She was heavy. I have an instinct. I can tell.”

Janet Jackson’s 18-Year-Old Daughter Rumors

October 25, 2005 – Contributed Anonymously: Okay the media really need to stop with the rumors. Everytime has a little down time between albums we hear all kinds of baby rumors. GET OFF OF IT. We’re pretty much tired of it. James Debarge need to take his on again off again crackhead habit and sell them rumors somewhere else, because if Janet does have a child, may GOD have mercy on her soul. Case in point, to deny a child in this case, makes a sorry human being. So I say let that *ish*go.

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5 thoughts on “James DeBarge’s Mother Believes Janet Has Secret Baby

  1. Potrzebie says:

    OK, so is the daughter supposed to be 18 or 20? If Janet and James had an annulment in 1985, it’s very unusual to have a child by him in 1987 (when an 18 year old would be born).

  2. ANGEL says:

    I remember the announcement years ago in “Jet.” When Janet left Fame she had a round belly, she looked 5 mos. along. She laid low, and burst onto the scene very heavy. I believe that she did have a child. When she first came out I wondered why she mentioned her child. Beside Joe Jackson is something else, his commands of he kids were answered. In their TV special he freaked when Tito wanted to get married and he screamed that girls will look at you differently. That’s probably what he said to Janet and it was kept secret. Ya know, Joe is all about the $$$ not his kids emotional well being.

  3. ANGEL says:

    I meant to say she never mentioned the child.

  4. teardrop says:

    hi Janet do have a secret I’m going to tell ever one and I now what it is to. I’m just playing I’m Janet biggest fan and I love her I want do that to her and if she did want ever one to now she will tell them.Right and I would love to meet her since I was a little girl about 3 when I was watching her on TV.I always wish upon a star but I always think I’m wishing upon a star is fank so I chrild to find her number but that wouldn’t work.I writ songs and I want to do them with her and not just because she have a good voice I can sing but really want to do them with her I bream about me and her on stang and we are best friends so if you see her can you to her if she have a Myspace that can I be her friend. thanks for your time

  5. Sara says:

    Janet had an abortion. That fact came from James Debarge in J. Randy Taraborrelli’s book about Michael Jackson.

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