James Gooding Tells All About Kylie Minogue Break-Up

James Gooding the man who was Kylie Minogue’s lover for three years revealed to News of the World how he took a potentially lethal cocktail of pills, drink and drugs to numb the pain after she spent the night with star Justin Timberlake. “After their performance at the Brits, Kylie was sitting opposite Justin when I went up to her and said, ‘Hi’,” he explained. “She was very standoffish. Then I asked her, ‘Do you fancy a drink?’ She rudely snapped, ‘No!’ It was clear she felt being seen with a big American pop star like Justin was far more important than our friendship. We had a blazing row. The worst we’d ever had.”

Admits To Dating Olivier Martinez

March 7, 2003 – The Sun reports has admitted to be currently dating actor Oliver Martinez. “Olivier and I are dating,” she told Dominic Mohan. She told a pal, “I’m really excited about this relationship. We only met ten days ago but I’ve really fallen for him. We bumped into each other in LA and the attraction was instant for both of us.” A source close to the Aussie singer added, “We’re all stunned by this. She didn’t expect to fall for anyone else for quite a long time. There was never anything going on with her and Justin Timberlake – that was all just a publicity stunt for the Brits.”

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