James Gooding To Visit Kylie Minogue To Revive Romance

The Sunday People reports that now Kylie Minogue has finished her Down Under tour, boyfriend James Gooding is headed to Australia for a last-ditch attempt to revive his love affair with Kylie. “Now she is finished touring they can spend some quality time together and who knows what the future may hold,” said a friend. “There’s a good chance they might get back together for good.”

TRL Diary Update On BBMak, Kylie & Shakira

August 18, 2002 – Courtney Mullin, TRL’s Casting Coordinator has several nuggets of information in her week of July 29th TRL Diary. On BBMak, “I met them for the first time at the MTV New Year’s Eve party. They are very cool guys!” On BBMak’s Mark and Christian commenting on the Kylie Minogue video for ‘Love At First Sight’, “Mark said he was a big fan of Kylie, but could never figure out why her dancers are always dressed in such stupid outfits. Good point, I thought – backup dancers usually look cool and sexy. Not the case in this video.” On Shakira, “In my opinion, I think that Shakira is the best to her fans. She is so cute and sweet. She goes out of her way to really get to know her fans.”

Kylie Minogue Fumes Over Madame Tussaud’s Waxwork

August 17, 2002 – Kylie Minogue tells The Mirror that she’s no fan of the Madame Tussaud’s waxwork of herself on all fours wearing see-through knickers and knee-high boots. Kylie fumed, “They’ve taken three things I’ve done. Yes, I’ve worn that dress. Yes, I’ve been photographed in that pose. Yes, I’ve done lingerie ads in those type of knickers. But they’ve got those three things wrong by putting them together. I did those three elements, but in my way.” Kylie added, “This just goes to show you can’t relinquish control of your image.”

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