James Maslow Talks About ‘Big Time Rush’ Fan Support

James Maslow on the set of Big Time Rush music video

‘Big Time Rush’ star James Maslow spoke with Popstar! on the rooftop set of the group’s new music video for ‘The City Is Ours’. “We’ve had tons of fans come up to us already and just say how much they like the show and the music,” Maslow said. “Thank you guys so much. When you guys are excited about it, it gets us excited about it, and because of that we’re having the greatest time ever.” Watch the comments via YouTube below.

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3 thoughts on “James Maslow Talks About ‘Big Time Rush’ Fan Support

  1. kidzworld says:

    Can’t wait for James Maslow’s first full-length album to be released in October 2010! Then comes the tour across America – hope Big Time Rush comes to my town!!!

  2. Melissa Malone says:

    <3 #1 fan of their music videos from Nickelodeon Big Time Rush !!!
    you guy's are my favorite singer's and dancing group in all time's. I love your love me love me break down dance is Incredible and the greatest band ever and I love your clothes on stage in my kindle fire HD I watch my BTR every day til my head exploded every where. My dream is to meet BTR like four ever

  3. Melissa Malone says:

    what’s up BTR
    my dream is to meet with you handsome boys in my next make a wish foundation because you guy’s are my favorite and my music group ! you boys are sweet and helpful sweet generous boy’s I’m 21 years old my favorite thing to do is coloring and playing my guitar and working on my lyrics for my new album is Melissa and the Rush I played guitar since I was five years. I love getting bop and tiger beat magazine’s to have my beautiful poster’s of my favorite band

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