James Morrison Loves Tokyo… Denver, Not So Much

James Morrison

discusses his travels in an interview with The Observer. Asked about his favorite city, the British singer songwriter replied: “Tokyo – because it’s so different from anywhere else. We were there for Halloween, so my keyboard player and I got these revealing dog costumes that left little to the imagination and went out drinking. We got talking to a couple of Power Rangers and a robot over tequilas at the bar.”

But the 24-year-old was disappointed with Denver, Colorado. “It was so barren you could almost see the tumbleweed rolling through the streets,” Morrison explained. “There was nothing there except a snooker hall about a mile away. When we walked in everyone stared at us as if we were aliens.”

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3 thoughts on “James Morrison Loves Tokyo… Denver, Not So Much

  1. Angie Foster says:

    I don’t know when you were in Denver, Colorado, but you missed all the beauty of the whole state. You are a good singer, but the USA paved your way, you are popular in the UK,because of the USA you are now known everywhere. I have heard you say a couple of yuck things about the USA, then don’t bother performing here if you don’t like Americans. We have many great singer, song writers who are from here. I love a lot of performers from the UK and I admire the talent they have and the country they live in. You just lost a small group of fans. You are rude just like you said Madonna was. Karma can sting a little bit sometimes. Shame on you James, Who???

  2. Angie Foster says:

    I am 26 and agree with the other girls posting. You don’t hear other performers putting down the USA. You are not a nice person!

  3. Jake o'shire says:

    Hey man I thought you were cool. When I miss judge someone I really blow it!! If you don’t like USA then stay home… You are a really rude person. Lost a fan

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