James Morrison ‘Up’ Video Ft. Jessie J

James Morrison and Jessie J

is out with the music video to his new single ‘Up’, featuring Jessie J, off the English singer songwriter’s third album ‘The Awakening’, out now on Island Records.

Morrison’s A&R man Colin Barlow suggested the collaboration with after James initially thought Adele would be ideal for the track. “Not that I was doubting Jessie’s ability in any way,” the singer said, according to his official web site’s biography. “But I was worried whether she was the right character for the song. She got in the booth and did all this stuff that was amazing ­ she is a ridiculously good singer, so in tune she’s like Autotune. I wanted to tap into the side of her character that is just a normal girl. I was like, you’re a Ferrari, Jessie, you’re in fifth gear – take it down to third. In the end it worked amazingly: she sang the chorus the way I should’ve sung it!”

Watch the ‘Up’ video via YouTube below.

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