James Morrison’s Unfortunate Sneeze

spoke with ‘Top Of The Pops’ in a Q&A, where he revealed that “Every date I’ve ever been on, I’ve spilt drinks or snotted on girls.”

Asked to explain that, Morrison said, “Well, it was New Year’s Eve, and I went to give her a kiss, and I sneezed, and snot covered her lip, and went OVER her lip, and she was like ‘ehhhhh!’ and it was dangling down and I was just like, ‘Oh no, this is NOT good’. But I don’t really – I suppose when I look at this, I think of my sister – she’s so gross – she used to file her feet and there’d be a pile of shavings on the floor. You’d be like, ‘No, that’s wrong!’ That’s so wrong. So I don’t really get any good thoughts from that.”

The interview transcript at bbc.co.uk has since been removed.

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