Jamie Lynn Says Britney Is Due In September

posted the following message on the diary section of her official website, JamieLynnSpears.com:

Hi Everyone. I am so excited that all of you have taken the time to check out my new site. I am still busy this summer filming the second season of ‘Zoey 101’. I like being in LA because I get to spend a lot of time with Britney. We are getting ready for the baby’s arrival in September!!!! I can’t wait. I have been shopping so much for the baby and it is not even here yet!! A few of my best friends from home have come to visit me here as well. We have had so much fun, but I will be ready to go back to school because that’s when cheerleading starts!!! Talk to you later.

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2 thoughts on “Jamie Lynn Says Britney Is Due In September

  1. lilbrookiie says:

    aww I love jamie. congrats to britney. cant wait to see her baby.

  2. Starlet01 says:

    I all ready posted this information. Oh well! Last WEDNESDAY was Kaleb’s Federline’s 1st. Birthday. I wonder if Kevin at least called Shar to wish his son a happy birthday since he wasn’t there for the birth because he was making the “My Prerogative” video & planning the wedding. He also didn’t attend his daughter’s 2nd birthday. I wonder if he is going to attend Kori’s 3rd birthday. I believe baby Federline will be born between the last 5 days of August & the first 10 days of September. At least Kevin might be there for the birth of baby Federline.

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