Jamie Scott Talks About & Performs ‘Free’

frontman Jamie Scott stopped by the Young Hollywood studio for an interview and acoustic performance of their single ‘Free’. Jamie also shared the meaning behind the break-up song and even gave a quick guitar lesson to host Nikki Novak. ‘Free’ appears on Graffiti6’s upcoming Capitol Records debut album ‘Colours’, due out January 24th, 2012.

Talking about his early start in playing music, he said, “It depends how you define playing. I got my first guitar at seven because I always listened to a Joni Mitchell album, and my mom gave me for a birthday present like a really small one, and I started playing it.”

“‘Free’ is about the situation you find yourself in when you break up with someone or they break up with you, but you can’t quite close the door and they leave it open a little bit,” Jamie explained.

On his mom being into folk music, he said, “My mom was like massive into that kind of Laurel Canyon folk scene. Joni Mitchell, Carole King. My dad was a real big fan of soul music, so I kind of was lucky growing up, I got introduced to really good music.”

Watch the interview mixed in with the performance below the cut.

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