Jane Fonda Discusses Lindsay Lohan’s ‘Georgia Rule’ Behavior

Jane Fonda, who plays Lindsay Lohan’s grandmother in the film ‘Georgia Rule’, spoke with ‘Access Hollywood’ correspondent Maria Menounos about the 20-year-old’s tardiness on the set of the film, prompting Morgan Creek Productions CEO James Robinson to fire off a stern letter to the singer/actress. “[Lindsay’s] so alone out there in the world in terms of structure and people to nurture her,” Fonda said. “She is so talented. Oh my gosh, she can access emotion like nothing… And she just makes me cry. I just want to take her in my arms and hold her until she’s grown up.”

Video at accesshollywood.com has since been removed.

Lindsay Lohan’s Stolen Bag Recovered

ITV reports Lindsay Lohan’s stolen handbag has been found, reportedly in a car park at London’s Heathrow Airport by a member of the public, but it’s not yet known if the $1 million worth of jewels inside have been recovered.

Lindsay Lohan’s Tight Leash On Harry Morton

A source tells The New York Post that is very possessive when it comes to her boyfriend Harry Morton. “She flips out if any other girl is around him,” a source revealed. Another tipster added, “When she is not with Harry she constantly texts, e-mails and calls him. She has to know what he’s doing every second of every day. The other day, she was coming to meet him at the Ivy [in L.A.] and … his phone was blowing up with her saying, ‘I’ll be there in four minutes,’ ‘I’ll be there in two minutes, get everyone ready!'”

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