Jane Fonda On Lindsay Lohan: She Breaks My Heart

Jane Fonda visited ‘Larry King Live’ on Wednesday (May 9) to discuss her role in the new film ‘Georgia Rule’ and discussed working with in the film. Fonda said the 20-year-old “breaks my heart” and said that she hopes Lindsay comes to her for some advice “because I think that I can say things to her that – that need to be
said.” Read on for their Lindsay related discussion.

KING: Speaking of that, a role you might have taken 50 years ago is
your granddaughter Lindsay Lohan. What was it like working with her?

FONDA: She breaks my heart.

KING: Meaning?

FONDA: Meaning, her talent runs so deep. She has an ability to access
her emotions and what I can only surmise has been a really difficult, complicated
life and she can bring it up and use it in a role like this. I think she
will blow people away. She blew me away while we were working. I have seen
the movie twice now and I feel like I have been kicked in stomach by a
horse by her performance. It just blows me away. And she’s a good girl.

KING: Georgia makes the rules, by the way. Lindsay Lohan came in for
some negative publicity. She was in fact criticized by the CEO of Morgan
Creek Productions, James Robinson, who produced the movie, chiding her
for lateness and partying and immaturity. What’s your read on Lindsay?

FONDA: She turned 20 on this movie. Lest we forget, this is a very young
person who has had a very difficult life, who has been famous since she
was 12 and being famous now is not like when I was young. The scrutiny,
the paparazzi, the every move you make, it’s — she’s in a really difficult
situation and she handles it, I think she handles it really well.

I don’t know about her private life. All I know is that when she showed
up for work, she was totally brilliant and for most of the time when I
was working with her, she was on time. There was one or two days she was
late. I got mad at her. I went into her trailer and told her to get her
ass on the set and she said to her makeup person, Barbarella just yelled
at me. She has got a sense of humor.

KING: Did she ever ask your advice on anything?

FONDA: No, no she didn’t. And you don’t give it if it’s not asked for.
But she knows because I have told her on several occasions that if she
ever needs me, I’m there for her. And I would hope that she does need me.

Because I think that I can say things to her that — that need to be
said. One of them is, it’s so important that young people understand that
you’re never number one forever. This is not going to last. And you have
to have other things in your life besides celebrity. Or you’re just going
to end up lonely and unhappy.

So she has to begin to build the foundation of a life that’s got stuff
in it, not just celebrity. And also this isn’t a dress rehearsal. This
is it, man. This is real life. And if you blow it, you don’t always have
a second chance. And mostly what I want to do is wrap my arms around her
and take her away for about 20 years and teach her how to garden or something.

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