Janet Jackson Angry With Beyonce Over Elle Diss

Janet Jackson 'Discipline'

The National Enquirer hears that is furious with Beyonce Knowles after the Destiny’s Child star took a shot at her parents Joe and Katherine. “I grew up upper class. school,” Beyonce told Elle magazine writer Will Blythe. “My dad had a Jaguar. We’re African-American and we work together as a family, so people assume we’re like The Jacksons. But I didn’t have parents using me to get out of a bad situation.”

“Janet wanted to know why Beyonce had to mention her family,” an insider told the tabloid. “They’re not friends and barely know each other. She feels Beyonce went out of her way to tell the world she’s from the upper class and the Jacksons were like a bunch of dirty gutter rats.” Read more.

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43 thoughts on “Janet Jackson Angry With Beyonce Over Elle Diss

  1. Aelicia says:

    Beyonce is starting to show her TRUE colors.

  2. Wendy says:

    Small minds talk about people.

  3. Alyeshia says:

    Beyonce needs a diet and a douche she got all hat money why don’t she get one that bitch her sister started fu**ing at 12

  4. Dee says:

    Ms. Jackson, and I am a few years older than you, but I give you all that respect because you’ve earn it, you don’t have to stoop to the immature levels where Beyonce is. You’ve never been disrespectful to artists before or after you. And your success has been your oyster. Just reminding you, that if you are going to comfort Beyonce, just remain your mature and in “CONTROL” self. She obviously needs a lot of attention and by trying to bash you maybe she feels she may get it in her little mind. As an older adult myself, I don’t want to sound mean to Beyonce, but she must realize that remarks such as the ones she has made against your and your family does nothing positive for her image. She is the next generation coming up for our children. What example is she setting for them, not a very good one. Do you know what makes a person attractive, Beyonce? It’s their love and respect for one another, their modesty, and being humble. Right now, you have none of those things. So, check yourself before you wreck yourself. And, Janet, what can I say, you’re up there with the greats. Congratulations!
    Love you Janet

  5. lashunda says:

    Beyonce I’m from Houston, Texas that was not right what you said about Janet you need to grow the fu** up every body done had hard times in their life it don’t matter here you come from it all about what you be

  6. Kim says:

    Beyonce is a skank b***h who uses her a** shaking to get by, she is overrated like no other before her. Janet never had to show her tail to get ahead, it was hard work and determination. To bad all of that private schooling did not pay off for Bey because she is one illiterate fool. Have you ever heard her speak? she can hardly put two sentences together, she is a joke and history will reveal her to be a joke. She should bow to Janet, if were not for people like Janet Jackson, that made being an Entertainer a great thing, Beyonce would be no where because she is not a true singer or artist, she is an entertainer, when the people that follow her get into their 30’s her music will become a joke, they will learn to appreciate true artist and true music and (Freak um Dress) Put a ring on it, will be a distant memory, she should be ashamed of herself.

  7. angie says:

    Alheshia do you know Beyonce personally I saw your blog from another site, girl you are crazy as hell

  8. Carlyne says:

    B is a poor excuse of a woman ! I am the same age as B and I admire entertainers like Janet,who from day one always showed respect to other stars before her and after. I realized that B and her parents were a bunch of wannabe Jacksons years ago when they got rid of the original members of Destiny’s Child back in 2000. B made that ELLE mag comment out of spite and pure jealousy. She has copied everyone from Janet, Michael Jackson, Diana Ross, Prince, Tina Turner, and Chaka Khan too ! She has and NEVER will be an original Superstar-her popularity is getting lame and so is her tired *!* songs. Shes afraid of her nemesis Rihanna being the best on the charts and I personally favor Rihanna more these days. Give it up B you Stink in 2009

  9. nik says:

    this broad showed her colors from the very beginning when she stabbed her so called childhood friends in the back for her own advancement. she further showed her colors when she used jigga for a come up. it’s just hard to keep a face but for so long. it’s coming back to haunt her now.

  10. Demetrius says:


  11. thandi says:

    Seriously people does this really both you? As soon as I read the middle class and Jaguar bit, I knew right then that she was not from that class. Besides her parents did the exact same Joe Jackson did, work so hard to make life a whole lot better for her, so she is a fine one to talk. I am glad Joe Jackson worked his kids the way he did otherwise we may not have known Michael.

  12. lexii says:

    It’s time to get some things off of my chest about BEYONCE KNOWLES!!! Beyonce first started out with Destiny’s Child, I was a fan of the group and I really thought she was a nice loving young lady. She gave thanks to God when she would win awards, but now she has shown her true colors. I would not buy ANYTHING of Beyonce’s anymore!!! She needs to stop praising Jay-Z and get back on her knees and pray to God. And while she’s acting like she’s some great super star with her “tacky” hippity hop bunny city clothing line, she really needs to look at herself right now. I think her weaves are too tight. And she looks really stupid singing in her lingerie at the ’09 BET awards, singing her OWN song for Michael Jackson. Not only is that disrespectful towards herself, and her husband (Jay-Z),but it is disrespectful towards Michael Jackson. And she looks really stupid singing all of these tributes for him after she just said that his father was using him and his siblings to get out of a bad situation. in case she hasn’t noticed, her father used her to get out of a bod situation as well. And her mother had said on “Beyonce Revealed” that they were not upper class or lower class, they were middle class, meaning, they had enough to get by just like Michael and his family!!! BEYONCE HAS JUST LOSS A KID THAT LOOKED UP TO HER AS A GOOD ARTIST!! R.I.P MJ

  13. lexii says:

    And you know what else.. She is not longer decent looking… she looks sweaty and dirty like she has been humping Jay-Z for hours everyday. And it’s taken her beauty away because she looks like a rotten plum with a jacked up weave. and at the BET awards her legs looked dirty and her weave looked like the cleaning man borrowed it to mop the stage and slapped it back on her head when he was finished with it!!!!!!! And she’s probably performing at all these tributes For Michael Jackson to get some darn publicity because it’s obvious that she has no good thoughts on Mr. Jackson.

  14. dnice says:

    I just personally feel she’s not that bright. Only an ignorant person would make such comments. The upper class do not boast about being “upper class.” I am sure her family was middle class at best, but that’s besides the point! Who gives a flying hoot?! That don’t make you better than nobody, Beyonce! You don’t have 1/10 the talent of the Jackson family, will never accomplish what they did and they did all what they did coming from nothing! Since you was so upper class, you should of had an advantage and should be doing better! Anyway, true class is something that you cannot buy, its obvious Beyonce has none. A classy lady would not put down an iconic family, that broke down so many boundaries such as the Jacksons. Know your rank, Beyonce! Stuff done gone to your head! Big head — too bad it’s empty!!

  15. RAHRAH says:


  16. angela says:

    bitch you need to hid your ugly face

  17. angela says:

    Keri look a billions times

  18. trina says:

    look at your family they toe up drag queen Beyonce

  19. sharine says:

    low down nasty man bull frog face I am glad game said that cause he is right and fine Beyonce is a hater jealous of Latoya Luckett we all know that

  20. Liana says:

    YOU GUYS STOP HATING ON BEYONCE!!! Everyone has those days, she wasn’t directly hitting on the Jackson family. She was just saying that her family is like the Jackson family but her parents didn’t use her, that’s the damn truth, Joe Jackson used his kids for the money that’s why when the directors took over MJ, Joe was mad at them, he wasn’t mad because he lost his kid he was mad because he couldn’t make money off MJ, and he would hit them. Beyonce is completely right, and If Janet has a problem let her confront her, not go back with a diss, because Beyonce wasn’t dissing them or janet, If Bey had a problem she wouldn’t be singing for MJ at her I AM tour and all those tributes, and god bless the family, you guys go get a life. Beyonce is genuine, humble and will always remain true. And plus she ain’t jealous of Letoya Luckett, Beyonce made Letoya Luckett, she can kiss her ass. Beyonce ILY<3333333333 don’t let these hates bring ya down.

  21. lexii says:

    Beyonce WAS disrespecting the Jackson family. And her father DID use her to get out of a bad situation.. He was working her and the other members like crazy just like Joe did the Jackson 5. And no she was not saying her family was like the Jackson family when she said she was upper class and went to private school. In a way she was saying that she was “better than” them. Private school really isn’t that much of a big deal like the way she is putting it. I’m a teenager and I go to a Catholic high school, but I do not put anyone else down and try to make them feel less than me. And she would be singing all of those darn tributes to MJ just to get the attention off of what she said about his family. That’s why when she offered to perform at his memorial, she didn’t because she disrespected him and his family. And her father used her for money as well. He was investing all of his money into the group and went broke because he “believed” in them. Joe Jackson did the same thing. And Janet will not come back with a remark for her because Janet has bigger things on her mind right now. And even if Janet did say something to her, Janet actually has enough class to not make any rude, inappropriate, unacceptable, or sarcastic remarks. She would just simply tell her the way she felt, just like what I am doing.

  22. lexii says:

    And by the way, it’s not hates… it’s haters. It’s not diss.. it’s disrespect. It’s not ya.. it’s you. It’s not because.. it’s because. It’s not family.. it’s family. And it’s not ain’t.. it’s is not.

  23. ex-girlfriend of zac says:

    Janet is always right because Beyonce is already a slut like Vanessa Hudgens..

    since Vanessa was a child she’s starting to do bad thing that her mom notice her…..

    she always get her attitude in her mother idiot!

  24. Iris says:

    Beyonce misspoke, like any of us can, but she wasn’t taking a shot at the Jackson. I’m sure the only reason she mentioned the Jacksons directly is because the interviewer made the comparison. This is a response to the question. She was just saying that not every African-American family uses entertainment as a way to get money. I don’t know why some people would get so mad at this when MJ basically said that this is what his father did. I think Janet Jackson is jealous of Beyonce’s success and that’s why she made a big deal about it. MJ never said that Beyonce was wrong for what she said. I’m more concerned about the people that ridiculed MJ while he was alive. Beyonce only showed respect to MJ while and after he was here.

  25. Iris says:

    I need to add that Beyonce was saying that there families were alike in that they’re African-American and worked together. So she wasn’t trying to be mean towards the Jacksons.

    Again, MJ said that his father used him and his brothers to make money for the family. It’s nothing wrong with Beyonce saying her life experience was different.

    Yes, I more concerned with the people that purposefully ridiculed MJ and his family while he was alive.

    David Gest, one of MJ’s best friends, said that Beyonce was one of MJ’s favorite artist. I know when MJ was going through the child molestation trial that Beyonce was the only big name star that would give him an award. MJ has talked about what a lovely person Beyonce is and how proud of her he was.

  26. Vickie says:

    Beyonce’s comment has made me very glad that I never purchased any of her CD’s or clothes. You should not talk about anyone’s family especially when your own family is dirty as hell. What type of family would pay to make sure Destiny’s Child former members would not become successful. Beyonce’s family is clearly not over those beautiful girls. So much for black empowerment in that family. If it were not for the Jackson’s and many other greats there would be no Beyonce. By the way, Beyonce’s mother favor that fat thing from star wars that had princess Lea on a leash, and Beyonce favor her mother Oh No!

  27. Gina says:

    I’m a Janet fan,she can sing and dance,she has classics,she can also perform.Beyonce Knowles has and does what?!

  28. norah says:

    What a horrible thing to say? B has no class. NONE! Katherine Jackson raised her kids the right way. They are always courteous and soft spoken and well mannered.and they do not bad mouth anyone. B has stolen moves from everyone. What has she ever done original? oh yeah right -she is the original thief!and she will never come out and say all the people she has stolen moves and grooves from over the years. People say all sorts about Joe Jackson but he is the template and example all use to get ahead in Hollywood and show biz. he is the original. Yeah there are many bad things said about him but his kids would have turned out ghetto like Beyonce is. B’s dad did the very same thing Joe did. The Jackson 5 broke down all sorts of barriers for others in the years to come-how ungrateful and stupid is Beyonce!
    Geez. and the fools of this world are fooled more and more with this classless ass.

  29. Darslow says:

    I’m so sick and tired of hearing about Beyonce and her pointless, classless music. Let’s face the facts: Beyonce will never be as well-spoken and smart as the Jacksons, especially Michael and Janet. They will run intellectual circles around that broad. Secondly, even if the interviewer had drawn comparisons between the Jackson’s and the Knowles’, Beyonce could have chosen to respond differently (if she had just an ounce of class). She could have said,”Yes, I’ve heard that people compare my family to the Jackson’s. What a wonderful compliment. If my family is going to be compared to any musical family, I certainly would not mind us being compared to the the Jacksons. They have basically made today’s popular music industry what it is today.” A response like that shows respect, even if you don’t agree with someone’s personal life. Quite frankly, it should be none of your business. I have tried so much to like Beyonce since her post-Destiny’s child days. Those were my girls. Although I knew their music wasn’t very timeless, I did envision some of their songs lasting for a while (independent women, survivor). However, since that DIL album I have been struggling to support Beyonce and her huge EGO! I know one thing, if she doesn’t change her attitude, she’s going to regret it.

  30. Anthony says:

    Beyonce is the BEST SINGER EVER! Its not her fault the rest couldn’t keep up!

    I’m sure Beyonce meant no harm by it, we all say things that we don’t really mean or meant to say out loud it just happened to just come to mind and come out.

    BEYONCE RULES! THAT’S THAT! Her gramma’s, fans, and other stuff PROVE THAT. She is already a DIVA…

    AGAIN, its not her fault the rest couldn’t KEEP UP!

  31. Russell says:

    Anthony….shut up
    if you like Beyonce…then you have no taste in style,music..etc
    what she said was wrong and she knows it…she should just give up.
    she should publicly apologize to Janet and the Jackson Family…
    and as far as keeping up…it’s her that can’t keep up…that’s why the Skank said what she said…so that Janet would slow down and put more focus on getting back at her instead of where her focus should be…Her God Given Talent…not learned talent like B…(ugh) I’m tired I can’t believe I’ve wasted all this time talking about the “SKANK”.

    You go ahead Janet…don’t let “PRIVATE” schooled trash bother you….you are so much better you do not need or have to stoop to her level…

  32. beyonce fan says:

    you Janet Jackson fans need to get real, you go on like your giving her advise ??? GROW UP and Beyonce can say what she wants, Janet Jacksons fugly anyway … FREAK !

  33. beyonceholicis says:

    Anthony I’m with you in that 1…

  34. beyonceholicis says:

    Russel go to hell

  35. Darslow says:

    Why would Janet have to be jealous of Beyonce’s success? She was just as successful as Beyonce. Whoever made that comment, obviously didn’t follow Janet’s career. Although I have never been a big Janet fan, I do recognize that she was a hell of a dancer and that her songs made you think about life. Hardly any of Beyonce’s music has touched me. But, to each his own. We’ll see where she is in the years to come. No one stays on top forever.

  36. Arron says:

    I sing and all my life I has always wanted to sing that’s my life

  37. enoabasi says:

    Relax all ya,this is not a medium for competition. these 2 beautiful young ladies are smashing talents. Bee made a comment, o.k Janet is offended by it , they both know where and how to settle this misunderstanding.So you all need 2 back off and stop all these bad mouthin’ because I’m sure neither of these ladies appreciate your bad comments, thank you.

  38. Floo says:

    Am Kenyan and love the Jacksons with all ma heart. Janet has made history equally just like Beyonce though Beyonce should respect the Jacksons because they are icons to music and they have surely made history!

  39. Tehara says:

    Beyonce named Michael & Janet her inspiration , however Mathew Knowles has often been compared to Joe Jackson , which must be annoying , Beyoncé only stated the truth , The Jacksons , grew up in a poor neighborhood and Joe didn’t form the Jackson 5 for the sake of his kids expressing their creative side ! He didn’t care about that , all he saw was his meal ticket , Michael himself said that they were exploited and that their father was very OFTEN violent . Beyoncé wanted to distance herself and her family dynamic from that , it wasn’t a diss , it was just stating the truth ! I don’t know why that whispering bitch is mad !

  40. LOL says:

    Everyone talks stuff about Janet’s family. As a matter of fact people have said worse. Yet I’ve never heard Janet address those folks. Beyonce loves Mike. Janet’s just using Beyonce’s comment as a means of justifying her jealousy towards Beyonce. She was afraid that Beyonce was going to upstage her at some show years ago. I’m not a Bey Stan, just calling it how I see it. Stop being jealous over people you don’t know. It ain’t a good look.

  41. ashley robinson says:

    ok this sh*t is crazy first off Beyonce is fake as I don’t even know what
    Beyonce should off never said that
    If i were janet I would be mad too Janet jackson and the jackson has PAVED the way for Beyonce and I feel like Bee dissed Janet
    Janet jackson is not jealous of beyonce the only thing beyonce has is a stronger voice besides that Janet can dance sing and act
    Beyonce wants to be like that JACKSONS who wouldn’t and Beyonce is really only famous for showing her body and shaking her damn ass all the time JANET JACKSON AND THE JACKSONS ARE LEGENDS beyonce needs to learn how to respect the ones that came before her
    I can’t believer she said that I just wanna smack the sh*t out of beyonce in a few years from now Beyonce will be forgotten and JANET will be REMEMBER FOR YEARS and ALL HER MUSIC
    I <3 JANET JACKSON FOREVER beyonce go die in a hole you make me sick

  42. Hanna says:

    Beyonce is a creeper who will never reach the Jacksons.she should bow and kiss janets feet. Her mom said they were in a middle class and who the HELL owns a jaguar.It’s not something to brag about and why in gods name is she doing tributes for MJ. Are you related to him? Noo I don’t think so! I never liked this woman so rude and is a diva . Can you believe she occupied that much space for her baby. I hope that family sues her! Ughh makes me sick but the Jacksons have dignity !!

  43. star says:

    I’m so proud to read the coments support that real genuine people who are not munipilated but speak the Gods truth about Janet it was beautiful how our people saw the that monster beyonce is this clown a real person or a klu Klux Klan member house nigga working. for evil white people man she is shocking ly sick no soul no class offensive a wanna be is she even human?

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