Janet Jackson Labels Justin Timberlake ‘Cocky’

In an interview with Queensland’s The Sunday Mail, Janet Jackson was critical of her Super Bowl breast flash partner-in-crime, Justin Timberlake. “I really want to be honest about this, but I just feel that anything I say about him will be taken the wrong way,” Jackson said of the *NSYNC star. “I do think Justin is very talented and that he has a very big career ahead of him… But he seems to have changed in recent times. He’s gotten cocky. Cockiness is something that’s never impressed me. If there was a contest between Justin and, say, Usher, Usher would win hands down. They’re both talented. But I’ve never been fond of cockiness. Some people can handle success and some people can’t. I’m starting to wonder if (the latter) is the case with Justin. And it hurts me to say that.”

Janet Jackson’s Not In It For The Money

June 9, 2004 – Janet Jackson complained to Radio 1 that there are too many pop stars out there who are just in it for the money, but wouldn’t name names. “I’m not saying all of them, but with most of them it’s about making the money – getting in and getting out and making as much as you possibly can,” Jackson explained. “It’s not about the love of the art anymore. They don’t allow us to miss them – there’s always a new face. I think that’s great when you have a project, you go away and let people miss you for a minute, but I think they are afraid that someone is going to step into their spot and then it will all slow down for them and they won’t be able to regain that moment that they had.”

Peeping Janet Jackson

June 7, 2004 – Ratethemusic.com reports Janet Jackson has admitted that she used to hide in bushes to watch her sister La Toya give goodnight kisses to her boyfriends. “I would hide in the bushes just to watch them kiss, then report back to my brothers: ‘It looks like they have a whole bunch of candy in their mouths, the way they’re kissing,” she explained. As for her first sexual encounter, Janet revealed, “I caught my parents doin’ it when I was about 12. I didn’t know what they were doing, and I got really mad. One of my brothers explained it to me, when they came off tour. I was very upset, and I didn’t like it. That was my true introduction to sex.”

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5 thoughts on “Janet Jackson Labels Justin Timberlake ‘Cocky’

  1. galleta says:

    YEAH JANET, LOL she’s not the first actor singer hollywood person to say that about our Justin, he has seemed to have gotten a little cocky lately. But who knows if she really said this KUDOS if she did, I just hope the people saying it in the press are telling him to his face so he can’t use the excuse that they are jealous. He needs to comeback to reality.

  2. popmaster167 says:

    In many ways she’s right, JT is a bit cocky and a full of himself a lot of the time,but its not fair that either of them should of gotten so much animosity shown against them for that. It was only a breast for god sake,the whole thing was just blown way out of proportion.

  3. RainWater says:

    Cocky isn’t the word I would use to describe Justin, there are way too many little kids on this site for me to say the word I would use. Justin doesn’t even come close to Usher

  4. DirtyPrettyThings says:

    JT is definitely cocky and arrogant and conceited. He’s completely full of himself. Usher is getting full of himself too, though. I would choose Usher over JT anytime.

  5. lily22 says:

    It’s Cameron she changed him for the worst. I don’t know if his friends & fam’s aren’t seeing this, but he’s definitely changed in recent times. And the people around always try to pass of his dirrty attitude lately as “being mature” when in fact he comes across as a little boy.

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