Janet Jackson Not Attending Grammy Awards… Why?

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I know you all HATE the essays and opinion posts, cause I sure as hell do, but, I needed to say something, so this will probably be my first and last one. It seems that the only people with the real problem here is CBS. If anything, it would set them back, what? A few thousand dollars. Its a million dollar company, that amount of money is NOTHING to a big network like them. Because of an ACCIDENT, they decide to take Janet off the Grammy roster. If Luther Vandross is no longer attending and the performances in his tribute are still in affect, then it is absolutely unfair by saying her services are no longer needed. For example, IF R. KELLY, WHO IS BEING CHARGED WITH SEVERAL COUNTS OF CHILD P0RN0GRAPHY CAN ATTEND THE AWARDS SHOW, THEN JANET SHOULD BE ABLE TO AS WELL. It’s getting way out of hand. A man walked out practically naked during the Super Bowl too and where’s the talk on that? I think she’s getting a lot of flack for being a female in a male dominated world and for being a JACKSON. If you blinked during the show, then you MISSED it. The only reason why all this is happening is because every news station replayed it over and over and OVER and OVER AGAIN AND AGAIN AND AGAIN. IR something is SO offensive, WHY was it played so many times again? It’s just a boob…GET OVER IT. And that whole thing with R rated television not being played until 10pm or whatever, wasn’t it past ten in half the country when it aired? The game ended between 12am-1am in the east coast, didn’t it? All the little teeny boppers who are going to say something really childish like this beat the Britney Spears / Madonna / kiss need not reply, thank you.

Super Bowl Streaker Upset With Janet For Stealing His Thunder

February 2, 2004 – Serial streaker Mark Roberts is miffed that Janet Jackson’s exposed breast at the Super Bowl in Houston overshadowed his naked romp. Roberts, a native of Liverpool, has streaked 300 times, but the Super Bowl outing was his first outing in America. Now he’s angry at Jackson. “She took my thunder,” Roberts told the Scotsman. “If she hadn’t done that, I would have been front page material.”

Cedric The Entertainer Relates To Janet Jackson’s Troubles

February 5, 2004 – Cedric the Entertainer spoke with The New York Daily News about the controversy he received after his character’s remarks about Rodney King, Rosa Parks, O.J. Simpson, and Martin Luther King, Jr. in ‘Barbershop’, comparing it to the scrutiny Janet Jackson has been enduring after *NSYNC star Justin Timberlake exposed her breast at the Super Bowl. “The whole thing was like Janet Jackson’s breast at the Super Bowl. Ridiculous,” he said. “I mean, we’ve all seen Janet’s breast a couple of times – how about weapons of mass destruction? How about Osama?”

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