Janet Jackson Promotes ‘Damita Jo’ In Harlem

signed copies of her new CD ‘Damita Jo’ album at HMV on Wednesday (March 31) in Harlem, New York City. Check out pictures from RexFeatures and GettyImages.

Diane Sawyer’s GMA Co-Host Defends Janet Grilling

April 1, 2004 – Billy Bush of ‘Access Hollywood’ spoke with Diane Sawyer’s ‘Good Morning America’ co-host Charles Gibson who offered a more diplomatic response about Diane’s interview with than the angry fans at Battery Park who were sick of hearing about the Super Bowl breast flash. “First of all, you are playing to a number of audiences,” Gibson explained. “I think the audience at home wants answers to those questions and the crowd here wants music.”

Plants ‘GMA’ Crowd With Hecklers

April 1, 2004 – When ‘Good Morning America’ host Diane Sawyer asked Janet about her notorious breast-baring Super Bowl moment, members of the crowd – apparently plants from the Jackson camp – chanted “Get over it!” and “Leave her alone!” An observer on the scene told The New York Daily News: “That heckling was about as spontaneous as Janet’s wardrobe malfunction.”

Janet Jackson’s Biggest Fear: Usher’s Coming

March 31, 2004 – Roger Friedman of FoxNews.com reports officials at Virgin Records are worried Usher’s ‘Confessions’ will top label star Janet’s ‘Damita Jo’ this week. “We’re even more worried now about Usher’s second week,” one of Janet’s record execs confided. “Because if Usher’s off only, let’s say, 60 percent in his second week, that’s 400,000 copies. He may still beat us to No. 1.” ‘Damita Jo’, at the rate things are going, will be lucky to sell 300,000 copies this week. Read more.

Al Sharpton Backs Janet Jackson

March 31, 2004 – The New York Daily News reports Al Sharpton is backing Janet after her Super Bowl breast flash. “I’m here to support Janet,” Sharpton said at the ‘Damita Jo’ album launch party. “Everything that happened after the Super Bowl was so overblown. [Federal Communications Commission Chairman] Michael Powell overreacted in order that the Bush administration could try and distract people from the real problems of this country.”

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5 thoughts on “Janet Jackson Promotes ‘Damita Jo’ In Harlem

  1. ihateoreilly says:

    LOL…Damita HO has to go to Harlem cause she’s be booed in New York City. Janet…take lessons from Madonna…she’s still mega popular at 45..and at 38, you are over with

  2. Kizzardkid says:

    Janet looks great! and “Damita Jo” is a good album, I’m still getting used it but she’s got some great songs on here. I love “R&B Junkie” and both “Damita Jo” and “Sexhibition”, but my all time favorite on the album is “Like You Don’t Love Me,” but its soo hard finding the lyrics to that song… Soo if anyone can find those lyrics for me I would really appreciate it. THANKS! :-)

  3. JuSt1nKrEd1bLe says:

    Get your stuff straight cause Janet was never “booed” You need to get over comparing everyone to Madonna. She’s highly overrated and her and Janet are two different artists.

  4. lilla says:

    I don’t know, everyone seems to think Madonna is an old crusty lady who needs to retire already. kissing Britney onstage doesn’t make her popular

  5. ihateoreilly says:

    So, everybody thinks Madonna is old and crusty…:LOL..Look at this! New York: 6 shows at Madison Square Garden completely sold out in minutes Las Vegas: 2 Shows at MGM Grand sold out in a day Chicago: 4 shows sold out in minutes and several other sold out shows. You Madonna haters can take solace in the fact that her SECOND Philadelphia show still has some nosedive seats left where if you want, you can pay $100 and see what Madonna looks like from 5 miles away. MADONNA RULES. SHE IS THE ULTIMATE QUEEN. JANET IS A HAS-BEEN. MARIAH IS A HAS-BEEN. BRITNEY IS OK, BUT IS STILL TOO YOUNG IN HER CAREER TO BE QUEEN. CHRISTINA IS OK, BUT SINGS LIKE SHE HAS A FROG IN HER FACE. BEYONCE CAN’T SING WORTH SH**, did I miss anyone? Oh..they only female artist that beats Madonna is tha “talented” Jessica Simpson.

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