Janet Jackson & Rene Elizondo Reach Divorce Settlement

Us Weekly reports and her former husband of nine years Rene Elizondo Jr. have quietly reached a financial settlement in their divorce. A source says that Rene got an estimated $15 million, the couple’s $120,000 black 2000 Mercedes SL600, and got to keep their two-story, five bedroom, five bath Malibu beachfront home, which is worth more than $8 million.

Janet & Missy Party With O-Town’s Ashley & Trevor

November 20, 2002 – Marc S. Malkin of New York Magazine reports and Missy Elliott waiting in SUVs outside Lotus for 40 minutes as their bodyguards checked out the recent record-release party. Jackson, Elliott, and their posses eventually took over the downstairs lounge, where they celebrated Elliott’s new CD ‘Under Construction’. They were joined by O-Town members Ashley Parker Angel and Trevor Penick until the wee hours.

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2 thoughts on “Janet Jackson & Rene Elizondo Reach Divorce Settlement

  1. Archie Gurley Jr says:

    I don’t see why Janet would even give the SOB that much money, even IF he wrote a “tell all” book about her. Just seems to me that he was more into the money aspect of her success than he was in the marriage; wouldn’t have happened had he kept his cock in his pants!

  2. Archie Gurley Jr says:

    He’s hispanic and just like black men, he’s gotta play the field.

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