Janet Jackson Talks New Man, Won’t Name Names

spoke with Access Hollywood’s Nancy O’Dell on Wednesday where she was grilled about a new boyfriend, but she refused to name names. Word is though that the mystery guy is Q-Tip. When asked if she was in love with ‘this fellow’, Janet said, “See, Nancy, you’re not supposed to ask me any of that stuff because we said we wouldn’t talk about it. We’ll see what happens.” Read on for a transcript.

is busy gearing up for a big HBO concert special, but not so busy that she couldn’t sit down for a chat. Janet talks about her love life, cancelling tour dates and next month’s Grammys.

I never imagined I was going to be nominated. Honestly. It just totally caught me off guard. Totally.

Reporter: Janet, who’s nominated for three Grammys, will be a presenter at this year’s show, but don’t look for a performance.

They asked me to perform. Just from being on tour and having a ways to go, i’d just like to sit back and watch, which is what I love to do.

Reporter: Janet spent much of last year on the road, which took its toll. She postponed dates twice, first because she underwent a root canal and then because she came down with the flu. But nothing compared to the events of 11th, which forced Janet to cancel her European tour.

Was it out of respect? Was it the danger? How did you come about to make that decision?

It was a really tough decision for me to make. I mean, I actually cried about it. I didn’t want to put the crew in danger. I didn’t want to put the audience in danger as well as myself.

Reporter: But like everyone else, Janet is trying to get back to normal. She has an HBO special, “Janet Jackson: All for you, Live from Hawaii” next month. And after a very public split with husband Rene Elizondo, Janet told me her personal life is picking up.

There’s someone i’m kind of interested in, but we’ll see.

Does he know it?

Yeah. He knows it. We’ll see. I don’t want to talk about it.

You don’t want to name names. I can understand that.

I don’t want to jinx it. But we’ll see.

He seems special, just from the way you’re blushing.

Oh, god. He truly is.

Are you in love with this new fellow?

See, Nancy, you’re not supposed to ask me any of that stuff because we said we wouldn’t talk about it. We’ll see what happens.

I just know that you’re smiling big, so that’s good. I’m happy for you.

See, you’re embarrassing me.

Reporter: While she won’t dish on her new man, she did tell me she would love to follow in the footsteps of Jon Bon Jovi and sting and appear on a TV show.

I love “Sex and the City.”



I think you’d fit right in with those girls.

You do?

Especially because you’re in love right now.

You are so — you are — you’re bad.

Thanks for putting up with me. Janet Jackson all for you live in concert from Hawaii airs February 17th on HBO at 9:00 P.M.

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