Janet Jackson Visits Rosie O’Donnell Tuesday

stopped by to promote her HBO special with Rosie O’Donnell on Tuesday. The singer touched on whether she plans on touring anymore and Janet admitted, “Touring is really grueling, and you have to live out of your suitcase. It’s really a hard life and not cut out for everyone. I would love to figure out a way — I’m sure Roger, my manager, would figure it out for me, where I could maybe do it for a month and a half [a year].” Rosie insisted on Janet hanging out with her a number of times as well at her house, to play tennis, etc. For a full transcript, read on.

Rosie: Hi. She’s been dubbed an icon. After nine CDs that sold over 50 million worldwide, it’s not hard to understand why. On February 17th, her All For You concert live from Hawaii. How I wish I could go to it. Please welcome back to the show, Miss Janet ‘if you’re nasty.’

[ Applause ] hi, Janet!

Janet: Adorable!

Rosie: How are you?

Janet: I’m good.

Rosie: That’s my god son. Bobby.

Janet: He’s beautiful. Hi

Rosie: Adorable, too. I think he’s got a little crush on you. Look at the way — never really seen him look at me like that actually.

[ Laughter ] so, how’s life?

Janet: Everything’s going very well.

Rosie: I’m so excited — what what? Come on, look. What’s so bad about that?

Janet: Nothing.

Rosie: Perfect, isn’t he?

Janet: He’s a great guy.

Rosie: Do you enjoy him?

Janet: Yes.

Rosie: Yes, you do. Is he one of your favorites?

Janet: Yes, he is.

Rosie: One of mine, too.

Janet: He’s a nice guy.

Rosie: When he looks at you, he never breaks eye contact. See what doing n, you just broke. That’s not tom. See, look, look — that’s what he does —

Janet: right into your eyes.

Rosie: Totally gets you. Pulls you in. Love him. I can’t wait for your special on HBO. ‘All for you.’ I love the CD. I would love to watch you perform, it’s going to be so exciting. Why did you pick Hawaii?

Janet: It’s beautiful. We were there with the ‘ Rope’ tour. We ended the tour there with — last time, and we had such a wonderful time at aloha stadium. When it came about to do HBO again, i said, okay, i want to do it in Hawaii.

Rosie: We have a clip, take a look.

[ applause ]

Rosie: ‘All for you.’ It’s on HBO, live in concert, February 17th at 9:00. Have you ever lived there or just been there on vacation?

Janet: No, just there on v since i was a kid — because my brothers used to perform there all the time. The family would always — seems like every year, every other year, we’d have a vacation in Hawaii.

Rosie: Are you able to go anywhere where people don’t know it’s you? You’re really

Janet: where they don’t know it’s you?

Rosie: Where they don’t know it’s you, Janet Jackson.

Janet: No, they know it’s you. There are places you can go —

Rosie: It’s not as much of a big deal —

Janet: or other entertainers go so you feel comfortable.

Rosie: But it’s really all you have ever known.

Janet: And my brothers, since i was a baby, they were pretty famous.

Rosie: A whole different reality. You don’t realize it because you never rode like a big wheel down a suburban street, did you?

Janet: No, we had go carts and things like that. The same house my parents still live in, it has a really long driveway. We’d have the go cart going down the driveway.

Rosie: Electrical carts you’d have?

Janet: Yeah.

Rosie: Not where we live. We’d have to get like a milk crate, take baby stroller — we made them.

Janet: What’s the — joey, one of the security guys, he was telling me about how they take the card and keep the driver and they put it on the bicycle and it makes a sound —

Rosie: This is new to you?

Janet: I’ve never experienced that before. I didn’t know what they were talking about.

Rosie: Here’s what i think you should do. Come stay at my house for a week. Because I got the kids there, they got the baseball cards in their tires.

Janet: That’s what they were talking about.

Rosie: You got to use the baseball cards because playing cards, they get ripped. But the baseball cards — and you have to use a clothes pin.

Janet: Oh, to connect it?

Rosie: Of course. All these things that happened in life that you didn’t get to see — did you ever get up early to get the Fruit Loops?

Janet: No, I got up early to go to work when I was a kid. I was a working kid. Wait, there was a surprise in Fruit Loops?

Rosie: Yes in Captain Crunch. Not anymore, it’s horrible now.

Janet: Fruit Loops, Frosted Flakes, but I’ve never had Captain Crunch.

Rosie: With crunch berries? They even have Peanut Butter Captain Crunch. Know what else they make now? Oreo cereal.

Janet: No kidding?

Rosie: It’s delicious. Totally not on the weight watchers program, although you don’t need it. You’re always fit.

Janet: I’ve had my moments for sure.

Rosie: Where you weren’t fit?

Janet: Of course.

Rosie: Well, for you, you weren’t fit, but for a normal person, it was fit.

Janet: I’m not so sure about that. I’ve had my moments.

Rosie: You don’t work out every day though?

Janet: I try to. Kelly and i — okay, let me try —

Rosie: Kinky Kelly who is she? Is she your trainer?

Janet: No, my I don’t know if she’s in the audience.

Rosie: Kinky? Kelly?

Janet: Over here.

Rosie: She’s up top. What does she do?

Janet: She’s danced with me for nine years.

Rosie: No kidding. You work out with her?

Janet: The dancers and i all work out. We’ve been pretty — we’ve been kind of good lately, right, I call her kinky — her nickname.

Rosie: Is there a reason for that that you could s on this show? Look at Kelly in the back going, no!

Janet: I can’t see —

Rosie: End. Could you move your camera? I know you’re trying to shoot a show.

Janet: Look at you.

Rosie: ‘There’s no reason,’ she says, to call her kinky.

Janet: That’s because — she knows why.

Rosie: All right, okay. Her parents might be watching, just so you know. Not me.

Rosie: Well, you know what they call me, windy.

[ Laughter ] just a joke about — it’s not really true. I was trying to take some of the pressure away from Kelly. That joke, I go there when I have to, Janet, you know what i mean? When you work out with the dancer,dodo you only do routines or only do workout stuff?

Janet: No, we go to the gym. We lift, we box. Tony, the trainer — he’s wonderful. We get kind of bored so we’ll box, sometimes we’ll run. We’ll go to the battle kamgs and hit.

Rosie: No kidding?

Janet: Yeah. Do football drills, basketball drills.

Rosie: I would love to see Janet Jackson in the batting cage. Can you really hit the ball?

Janet: Yes, I hit the ball was a tomboy growing up. I had six brothers and I never hung out with my sisters.

Rosie: You’re a good athlete?

Janet: I don’t know about that, but i enjoy it.

Rosie: We should go to Chelsea Piers you and me.

Janet: What would we do there?

Rosie: They with battle cages.

Janet: Do you play tennis?

Rosie: Yes.

Janet: Okay, cool.

Rosie: Do you want to play tennis? At my house, i don’t have a court. We’ll have to go to the park. Is that all right?

Janet: Yes.

Rosie: Is this true this is your last tour?

[ Whispering ]

Janet: touring is really grueling, and you have to live out of your suitcase. It’s really a hard life and not cut out for everyone. I would love to figure out a way — I’m sure Roger, my manager, would figure it o for me, where i could maybe do it for a month and a half —

Rosie: A year.

Janet: There have been times we were on — we’ve done Janet for about two years, but we were on breaks in between. Last year, it was ten months.

Rosie: It’s a lot.

Janet: It’s pretty tough, taking a lot of time out of your life. I enjoy performing, enjoy creating. I would love to be able to do it for like a month, a month and a half and create something else.

Rosie: Will you do more acting stuff, do you think?

Janet: Yes.

Rosie: Because you’re a really good actress. We’re going to come back and take a break and play all about you with Janet Jackson where if she knows answers to questions about herself, you in the audience win prizes. Isn’t that fun? We’ll be right back with Janet Jackson.

[ Applause ]

Janet: look at him!

Rosie: Janet Jackson is going to be playing for a gift card from FYE. 30 bucks for everyone in the audience to get her record. If you can answer 7 out of 10 questions about you.

Janet: Oh, gosh.

Rosie: Are you ready?

Janet: Not really but okay.

Rosie: How many Krispy Kreme doughnuts have you eaten in your life?

Janet: One.

Rosie: Correct. When did you eat one and why did you only eat one?

Janet: Because I heard they were so good — some of my friends have eaten like ten, the whole box. When I did ‘Nutty 2’ i had a half a one. And then I had another half a few months later. So I only had one. So, so good.

Rosie: You only had one and you liked it?

Janet: I loved it.

Rosie: A woman who has more discipline than I will ever have in my whole life. What’s your nickname and how did you get it?

Janet: I have several nicknames.

Rosie: Should we ask kinky Kelly?

Janet: Yes.

Rosie: What’s her name, nickname?

Janet: I call her —

Rosie: You’re so wrong.

Janet: Dunk.

Rosie: Where do you get that name from? Basketball?

Janet: My brother mike named me that when i was really little.

Rosie: Any reason?

Janet: They said my body was shaped like a donkey. I used to get teased a lot. I’m the baby of the family so got teased a lot.

Rosie: What ancient artifact did your nephew break in your house?

Janet: The shark.

Rosie: Yes. Your nephew broke it?

Janet: No. Gosh, I’ve got like 26 nieces and nephews. I think i kept maybe 7 of them, they were staying the night. And they were running around the house. And he fell from the second floor to the first floor, and it’s got — it’s like 60 — it’s 65-million-year-old shark. The teeth are still in the head and he scratched the bottom of his feet because the teeth are so sharp.

Rosie: Did he get hurt falling off the first flight?

Janet: He fell straight on to his back. I was so nervous — no, he was fine.

Rosie: He was fine?

Janet: Yeah, my nephew.

Rosie: So far you got three. Need four more and you win. How many piercings do you have?

Janet: Do my ears count?

Rosie: Yes, and don’t need to identify the body parts for the rest of them. Just tell me and how many.

Janet: Three?

Rosie: According to this, you have four. Remember, the other, Janet? I made that up. I don’t know how many you have. I totally made that up.

Janet: Oh. I’ve had a lot pierced, my septum pierced, pierced —

Rosie: That’s enough. Remember, tattoo thing — don’t even.

[ Laughter ]

Rosie: I remember that. What was the first song you ever sang in public?

Janet: Oh, my gosh — would it be ‘love is strange’?

Rosie: We don’t know. We wrote we don’t know so whatever you said we’re going to give you a point for that because we don’t know. All right. You’ve got four, need three more points. This is going to be Sing the opening theme song from ‘good times.’

Janet: Oh, my god, you guys, I don’t even know the lyrics. That’s horrible, and I was on the show.

Rosie: I’m sorry. Give me at least some of it.

Good times

not getting hustled

keeping your head above water come on! You don’t know that?

Good times

ain’t you lucky you got them I don’t know the key, but that’s it.

Janet: I’m sorry.

Rosie: I’m not give you a a point for that. I’m sorry, but you didn’t even really — the audience turns on the host. In which of your hits do you sing the line — ‘soup opera says you got one life to live.’

Janet: ‘What have you done for me lately.’

Rosie: Correct.

Janet: You scared me for a second.

Rosie: I learned that from Regis. You’re totally right. What you played on ‘Different Strokes.’

Janet: I love the drum roll.

Rosie: We’re only at five. Wait until you see when you win.

Janet: Charlene Dupre.

Rosie: Correct, Miss Janet. If you get this one right, the audience wins. You hit a boy when you were 10. What did he do to deserve it?

Janet: He stole my lunch.

Rosie: Correct! And the audience wins it!

[ Applause ] the concert is on HBO, February 17th at 9:00, live from Hawaii. Nice to see you. Thank you very much, Janet. Janet Jackson

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