Janet Jackson’s Boob Incident: Can We Move On Already?

Contributed anonymously:

I just wanted to make an opinion about what somebody said about how society has short attention spans just because we think that the boob incident is old news. First of all, yeah, the incident happened a year or two ago, not 20 years ago. But seriously, must we dwell on it for the next 10, 20 years? Must we ponder the appearance of Janet’s breast by the time she’s 60 years old? Must we ponder on those 5 seconds of a boob being revealed while there’s more worthy news that can politically and socially affect the world? Is focusing on Janet’s boob more important and worth pondering for the next 10 years than focusing on our troops out at war?

I mean seriously, why exactly must we go on pondering over the fact that a woman’s boob was revealed on national television? Did this incident do anything more but make a few jaws drop, a few parents to get mad and outraged, and a few kids to just shrug and most likely not even notice what went on? I mean really, you are telling us that we have short attention spans, and yet you are saying that we must focus on a boob being revealed for the next 10 or 20 years? For what reason? I mean seriously, don’t kids already know what a boob is and what it actually looks like? What harm did it do other than make people go “what!?”

I mean seriously, I find it sad in itself that you say that we have short attention spans, and yet you seem to think that we should spend 20 years or more on debating about a boob that was revealed on national television for less than 5 seconds? I mean for Pete’s sake, what would you say then if this was talked about on the news for 20 years, while important things on the news like politics, war, death, etc. are just talked about for one week and then forgotten? The incident doesn’t deserve to be pondered for a year and a half while there are more important newsworthy things to talk about. Maybe 2 months tops, but no more than that. Why? Think about it: it was just a boob!

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