Janet Jackson’s New Album Cover

Janet Jackson 'Damita Jo' album cover

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The cover for Janet Jackson’s new album, ‘Damita Jo’, has been released to the internet. The album, out in the UK on March 29th and the US on March 30th will feature her new single ‘Just A Little While’.

Dave Grohl On Janet Jackson’s Breast Flash

February 2, 2004 – CNN spoke with one Grammy performer who says he didn’t think a second about a five-minute delay at Sunday night’s awards show, instigated after Janet exposed her breast at the Super Bowl a week prior. “I think people trusted us enough to know that we weren’t going to, you know, pull our [ bleep ] down in front of the Grammys, pull our whammies out at the Grammys,” Foo Fighters frontman Dave Grohl opined. “Get some press! We’ll wait to release another record to do that.” Grohl added, “Let’s listen to some music, lets play some music, sing songs and make some records. Go home and show your boobs to your family. The Jackson’s!” Read more.

Question: Is Entertainment Too Raunchy?

February 8, 2004 – The Associated Press asked several celebrities at the Grammy Awards on Sunday if they felt entertainment is getting too raunchy after Janet Jackson exposed her breast at the Super Bowl. “The news has gotten too raunchy,” Pharrell Williams responded. “All they had to do was play it the one time it happened, but the news has been running it ever since it happened. So what does that say about the news?” responded, “Well, what is too raunchy? Everybody has a different opinion about what is too much or too little. It’s a state of mind.”

Grammys Face Repercussions From Super Bowl

February 8, 2004 – Repercussions of the controversial Super Bowl half-time performance where Janet Jackson exposed her breast will echo in the Grammy Awards Sunday night on CBS. They also spoke with *NSYNC star about getting pulled from the Pro Bowl. Watch a report online from CBS News below.

Janet Jackson Rejects CBS Offer

February 8, 2004 – Roger Friedman of FoxNews.com reports Janet Jackson has decided not to accept the CBS offer to appear on tonight’s Grammy Awards, rejecting a requirement to apologize for her appearance on last Sunday’s Super Bowl half-time show in exchange. Her brother advised her to “to stop apologizing already,” following Janet’s previous press release and videotaped statement already apologizing for the incident.

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8 thoughts on “Janet Jackson’s New Album Cover

  1. Caramele11 says:

    Good for Janet! The woman already said she was sorry. Damn, what do they want her to do! They are really trying to make her crawl, aren’t they?

  2. Christinacopp says:

    Agreed…how many times do you have to say “I’m sorry”….there are worse things in the world to apologize for, ahem, Mr. Bush, go Janet, and don’t bow down to them!

  3. AANIKITA says:

    Michael really did. Janet doesn’t need to apologize anymore than she already has. It’s time we move onto other things, her new album is coming out next month and the media should focus more on that than on any of this half-time stuff.

  4. Brentwood_Babe says:

    I support her in that. I don’t agree with her flashing stunt, but she’s apologized twice now, it’s over and enough is enough. CBS is being ridiculous. I don’t understand why they’re making JT & Janet apologize at the Grammys, when that show has nothing to do with the Superbowl. Only that they were both aired on CBS. Their mentality is this: You don’t apologize, so you don’t go on the Grammys? Screw CBS.

  5. mariahsbiggestfan says:

    Good for MISS JANET!!!!i understand that children were watching the Super Bowl, but you really couldn’t see anything. they really need to let it go. I believe that the media is really making it worst than what it is. they’ve been showing it over and over again. if you don’t want kids to see it ,STOP showing it.

  6. BoHefous says:

    I’m glad Janet didn’t attend and apologize. Its ridiculous the way these people are acting. The Grammys have nothing to with the Super Bowl what so ever. People are overreacting way too much over this boob thing. Its just a tit. Just like a guys tit but on a raised surface. I don’t get this censory. If it was Justin’s chest being shown, no one would be complaining. Nakedness is a natural thing, and it should be embraced, not disgraced.(LOL) Society has turned the human body into a hideous, inappropriate behavior. JEEZ, SIMMA DOWN NOW!

  7. Xtina-Beautiful says:

    WHAT’s THE BIG DEAL?!’, ‘what’s the big deal with the boob flash?! It was too far and you can barely see it! and so what if there were children watching! You see boobs everyday in MTV, or even just surfich and you pass by the fashion network, there’s always a big chance of seeing a woman wearing clothes were her boobs are very visible! I know CBS is not cable, but I’m sure every kid in the US knows and watches MTV from their friends house, etc. I mean, when Lil Kim did it, no one seems to complain! GET OVER IT! a half-second boob flash WILL NEVER HAVE NEGATIVE EFFECT on the kids! They’ll probably be purchasing Playboy magazines in a few years time and even access the porn websites very easily, so what’s the big deal?!

  8. Jaggie says:

    I’m glad that she rejected their offer. it was ridiculous anyway…she’s apologized enough. it was just a breast!!! what the hell is wrong with this country that we can show graphic violence on TV without a thought, but when a woman shows her breast–a natural, beautiful part of a woman’s body–people flip out?? I think we need to prioritize our values.

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