Janet Jackson’s Next Single: ‘Have Your Way With Me’

Contributed by Kizzardkid:

Writer, vocalist, and pianist John Legend claims that Janet’s next single is a song that he co-wrote with Kayne West and Harold Lilly, titled ‘Have Your Way With Me.’ Currently, the official status of the song is unknown at this point and has not been confirmed. On February 4, Legend wrote the following entry on his official website’s online journal: “But you can’t talk about the Super Bowl without talking about Ms. Jackson. I’m not going to focus on her breast like the rest of y’all. I’m about the music. Since everyone’s paying attention to her, it should bode well for her next single ‘Have Your Way With Me’ which is gonna drop next week. We’re just wrapping up the production now. It’s produced by Kanye West and co-written by Kanye, Harold Lilly and yours truly. I played some piano on there too. It’s a sweet, soulful song. I think it’ll be a smash. Look out for that soon.”

New Victoria’s Secret Ad Campaign

February 12, 2004 – Jay Leno joked during his Tonight Show monologue on Wednesday night, “Because of Valentine’s Day, Victoria’s Secret is having something called the lingerie sale: all bras half off.”

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