Janet Jackson’s TMI About Sex With Jermaine Dupri

confessed to Essence magazine she enjoyed sex more than her lovers did, until she met Jermaine Dupri. “I feel like I finally met my match,” the 40-year old said. “In relationships it was always the guy telling me, ‘OK, hold on, wait a minute.’ I’d ask my girlfriends, ‘Aren’t we supposed to be the ones who say, ‘Wait, not tonight, I have a headache’? This happened through two [marriages] for me. I thought something’s not right here. But with Jermaine I don’t have to say anything; he knows I’m ready. Any time, any place.”

Janet Jackson On The Set Of ‘Call On Me’

July 28, 2006 – ‘Access Hollywood’ caught up with Janet on the set of her ‘Call On Me’ video. The singer spoke with Tony Potts about being a big kid, 20 years since the ‘Control’ release, overcoming her shyness, not dating in her 20s, and more. The video at accesshollywood.com has since been removed.

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One thought on “Janet Jackson’s TMI About Sex With Jermaine Dupri

  1. champagne_dancer says:

    Ugh. This “sex” crap of hers is tired and played out. Do something NEW, exciting and different. Cover up your abdomen, sing a decent song, and don’t force your (fake) sex life down our throats. Jeez, you’re over 40. Act like it.

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