Jasmine Trias In-Store Signing In Panorama City

‘American Idol’ season three finalist held an in-store signing to promote her ‘Jasmine Trias Live In LA’ Concert in Panorama City, California on Wednesday (November 17). Pictures from ShootingStar have since been removed.

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3 thoughts on “Jasmine Trias In-Store Signing In Panorama City

  1. trongtn2002 says:

    Whoa, way too soon to release/promote a live concert DVD or CD or whatever. How about actually releasing a hit single and record before doing that?

  2. kellybsblover says:

    yes I’m so excited! Jasmine was the best contestant ever on American idol!

  3. acnespears says:

    I met her in their concert in Singapore,shes very nice. she also went to Philippines were she made a commercial, is she Filipino or Hawaiian

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