Jasmine Trias Pitches Debut Album

‘American Idol’ season three finalist posted a message on her official website’s diary on June 14th. She writes:

My website is up and running. I hope you love it just as much as I do. I want to thank you all for requesting ‘Excuses’ on the radio. I can’t believe that it’s already #3 in the Philippines and my album isn’t even out yet. That’s amazing! However, let’s come together and work on getting lots of airplay here in the US and hopefully have a #3 spot on radio stations. Operation 400K: Let’s also work on getting it into as many retailer stores as possible. If you request my album to be sold at a store near you, they will buy it from our distributor, Aloha Music International, and you’ll be able to get it. That means more albums sold! Let’s spread the word all over the US and the word all over the US and the world. For all you fans in other countries, I didn’t forget about you, you can also request my album at a store near you or purchase it online right here on my website. I know we can do it! Remember, JULY 12TH is the release date. We’re on a mission ‘Operation 400K’ and I’m on a mission to keep representing you and to keep making you happy!

Listen to tracks from the album at JasmineTrias.net.

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One thought on “Jasmine Trias Pitches Debut Album

  1. Starlet01 says:

    You know I’ve got to hand it to Jasmine, she does have a beautiful voice. I don’t think American Idol gave her a proper chance to display it. I didn’t know she could sound so soulful. Yes, she doesn’t have Fantasia’s powerful vocals but, she does sound way better than Britney Spears & Jennifer Lopez combined. I’ll consider buying Jasmine’s album. I’m not sure if she is going to sell 400,000 copies within the first week but, I’m sure she will sell as many copies in due time. I wish her the best & I hope to see her perform her songs live on tv & in concerts across the states.

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