Jason Alexander: Britney Spears Was My Sex-Mad Bride

’ 55-hour hubby Jason Alexander is telling all to News of the World. Brit’s childhood pal revealed: We made love in her bed, her shower and her bath. She asked me to marry her but when her lawyers demanded I end our marriage she didn’t stop them—and it caused chaos in my life.” But the trip to Las Vegas that led to the White Chapel wedding was a sexual thrill. “I wanted to make love to her and she wasn’t shy in showing what she wanted,” Alexander said of their first night at the Real World suite at the Palms Casino Hotel. “We started off in the bedroom kissing. She was good at that—she was good at everything. She was an animal in bed. We were both hot so I led her into the bathroom. There was a huge shower head that sent water down on to us as though it was rain. We stripped off competely and got into the shower and Britney performed oral sex on me as the water ran down over both of us. Afterwards I led her back into the bedroom. At first she was on top of me and then I was on top. We did it every way you could. But it wasn’t cheap. I really cared about her and it felt right. At times she was noisy. She didn’t call me any names, she just moaned. We didn’t use any precautions either.”

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