Jason Castro Talks About His Texas A&M Experience

Jason Castro suspenders

The A&M Foundation interviewed school alum and ‘American Idol’ star Jason Castro, asking the singer about his experience at the school, his major there, how the school prepared him for his music career and ended up with a few of his favorite things around campus.

“You know, it’s a dream of mine to finish my degree,” Jason said. “I have quite a few hours to go, so maybe one day when it all slows down. I keep thinking, maybe some online classes here and there, chipping away at it, but I would definitely love to get my degree, it would mean a lot.”

As for his major, Jason said, “I ended up in the college of landscape architecture, I spent one semester in that, so I don’t really know what I would do at the moment, if I were to finish. I pretty much have an open playing field.”

Questioned about how his A&M experienced prepared him for what he’s doing now, Jason said, “My time here was really a big shaping time for my life. The people I met here and also this is where I started playing guitar and singing and playing out around town, so who knows how it would have happened elsewhere. There was definitely a lot of great people here to encourage me and the music and I had a lot of musician friends around here, and also the Aggie Men’s Club and some great friends that really shaped my character and I think prepared me to handle this thing I’m doing, so I’m very thankful.”

Watch the interview via YouTube after the cut.

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