Jason Mraz Blogs About Human Evolution

checked in with fans on his blog at MySpace (@jasonmraz) on Saturday (July 18), talking about how humans are always evolving and wondering if we’re nearing the next dramatic evolution of man. The singer songwriter tells readers:

I knew it wouldn’t take long for Twittering to come around. As the novelty of celebrity access wears off, communities emerge using this technology as a powerful tool for making meaningful connections. The more we show-up as our true selves, in any network, the more we inspire others to do the same. Add this to a worldwide reach with a lightning-fast connection speed, and welcome greater experiences of synchronicity for ALL.

Let’s not forget that humans are still evolving. Though our history on earth portrays us to look more like bacteria than anything else, I am grateful to be here, 6 senses enhanced, however limited that may be on a universal scale. Technology is playing a major role in our development. Some believe this mastery of technology will inspire children to be born with telepathy in a few short generations.

60,000 years ago, just as the Earth was thawing out from being its latest snowball, the human population was reduced to just 2,000 people. Somehow, in this great thawing came a dramatic shift as the human recovered remarkably with language and conceptual thinking. Roughly 30,000 years later, another shift occurred when humans figured out how to farm the soil and store food. This introduced them to an abundant lifestyle, which in turn created a heck of a lot more people. This new means of relying on agricultural also created starvation and eventually, enemies.

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One thought on “Jason Mraz Blogs About Human Evolution

  1. Anne Pham says:

    =) SO!!!! LOL I’M NOT THE ONLY ONE HAVING A BLAST I SEE WITH THESE AWESOME POWERS WE HAVE. =) It kicks ass if I do say so myself. We are able to unravel the mysteries of life. =) And everything. All of it. They’re all the same. One of a kind. Just… not everyone’s totally intouch. Every subject. Every piece of history evolves around the same thing. Truth! =) lol Gosh! I’m so over joyed. My words prompted ya ay???!!!??? =P I bet you were all googly eyed and overly excited to express yourself. =) I’m glad. You are right. We will one day be super human. =)
    That reminds me… There was someone a few years ago who encountered a very rare person. When it popped into my mind today, I smiled. He’s a very experienced soul. He spoken in multiple languages. He read their minds as he asked them to write down certain things and he was able to correctly produce the equivelant answer.
    I wonder how many years of practise and focus did he under went? =) Guess you love puzzles too. =) It only takes one idea and everything becomes a saturating process. =) Reminds me of “A cup of coffee” =) backtracking from where the cup, the milk, the beans originates from. location, process, method, reason, exploitations…just keeps on going and going and going. Cool thing about these powers though. You know where to look. =)
    I wonder if you go through the same thing… Some days you just laugh in pure acceptance and appreciation of everything. Of all the silly things that people do etc. And other times… you kinda picture yourself standing before a wall, banging your head against it. =) Either way, with the second one, you end up doing the first. Everything becomes so unbearably comical and pleasurable to wittness. Like seeing toddlers and infants in a childcare centre or in a park. =)
    I must say… I keep loosing touch with reality though. I keep forgeting that my mortal mum is still my mum. With the whole seeing everyone as a soul, more so then before all of this. Gee… lol it’s sometimes a trip and a half. =) I’m getting better at it though but still slow on the reflexes. =) I can tinker a person through speech, facial features, colours of their clothes and bodily appearances. I know what they’re afraid of and what they’re struggling aginst. But again, the reflexes.. Still takes me a bit of time to connect the pieces. But I seem to get there at the Nick of time =P phew…!
    white sure is good when you just want “me time”. =) ok! It’s 3am over here. I just had to check if you posted something before I skooted =) I dunno. hahahaha but I’m glad!

    oh! I’m sure you already checked out “Metaporphoses” by Ovid. I had a book with the same title. great novel. But the one word was etched in. lol Same thing. That was one of my first curious discoveries.
    Globalisation. That’s the thing I’m anticipating. The beginning and the end of many things. That will be a start. take for instance the movie fearless when jet lee’s character states the meaning of competition. =)

    ok. Good night. lol Good morning to you Jason. =D HI 5!You made me very happy. Thank you for sharing with me your thoughts. lol We are on the same page. lol I have this fully extended smile on my face. =D Hope you do too.

    Cheers to evolution. =P hahahaha *gives a friendly punch on the shoulder* “just! shucks”

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