Jason Mraz: Bravo To Michael Jackson

Jason Mraz

blogged about his Glastonbury experience over the weekend on his MySpace (@jasonmraz), and also shared his thoughts following the death of Michael Jackson. Mraz writes:

May God Bless Michael Jackson, his family, and the many surviving friends and fans. His entire life was everyone’s story to follow. Let us create the ending as one of peace. He leaves behind so much music that everyone you know has at least one favorite song, something that really gets them dancing or singing, forgetting all else. That’s a tremendous accomplishment. All I can say about his extraordinarily generous and gifted life is Bravo.

Jackson Family Attorney Discusses Dr. Murray & Custody On ‘Today’

June 29, 2009 – The ‘Today’ show co-host Matt Lauer talked to Londell McMillan, a Jackson family attorney, about new details in the death of Michael Jackson, whether Debbie Rowe is expressing interest in gaining custody of the two children she had with the pop star, and why the family is troubled by the role of his personal physician, Dr. Conrad Murray. Watch the segment, aired Monday (June 29), below.

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3 thoughts on “Jason Mraz: Bravo To Michael Jackson

  1. Anne Pham says:

    hey dude,

    did a bit of research here and there… I dunno… it will eventually come to you once you go through all the past life regressive emotions and being that I always had a great sense of things around me.. I went ahead and re looked Van gogh
    I purposely bought a mirror good enough to enable me to work from my image in default of a model, because if I can manage to paint the colouring of my own head, which is not to be done without some difficulty, I shall likewise be able to paint the heads of other good souls, men and women.” <- that is what I uncovered in a biography of his. I knew it! =D So cool… hmmmz… I knew about this awhile ago and came up with a theory to it but hey! my curiousity had the better of me and I was able to find something else. =)
    Hmmmz…. I can empathise with this Sage… Like myself, I feel it very hard at times to be able to bear it all in… even just going through his progressive artwork from start to end… hmmmz… I feel every bit of emotion and I know how he felt. He lacks self love… and in the result of it all, he cut off his ear before ending himself… Hmm… the ways of the world was too much for him to bear… the knowing everything and not watnting to feel all the emotions around him… to be at peace in isolation yet struggle without human interaction. Luckily being that it is the 21st century and having the internet for easy access to multiple different resources… our existance is I guess much more bearable… Hmmz… I know what it is that he was struuggling with… hmmmz… But hey! I’m so proud of him… through his life… we all can bear wittness and use as a form of guidance.
    hmmmz… I dunno sometimes… What he did is very explainitary… When you see everything there is so much responsibility… so much..even sometimes…most times… I struggle… Hmmmz… friend? How are you? Hmmmz… I sometimes wonder how life would be if this never happened… But then I wouldn’t of been able to find you. =) God is awesome.


  2. Anne Pham says:


    Another singer/song writer was Bob Marley. =) Cool huh?
    Anyway, I kinda figured although you went through the colours and although The colour theory doesn’t cover the facts in so much detail as living it and seeing it for yourself I’m aware that you have a lot more blue in you and me, orange.
    Try this ay. You may find it useful. But hey! I know that your strongest point is in the use of words and therefore I know that you can disect a person via conversation and personal expressions through writing. But hey! eventually, when you allow all your senses go, you will be able to adapt to anything… I guess that’s really my problem… being able to adapt to anything and everything… My love for learning/knowledge and the theory and putting it into practice thing is my major kick lol oh that reminds me one of them is to know the principles of how an igloo is constructed. lol =D I dunno… I reckon it’d be nifty to know =P
    Ok!… and my weak point… focusing on ME! lol Always lacking in the category of the primary needs. But then again that’s also one other thing no one gets about me. How I can have so much energy and always be so excited and positive over everything and anything. And the bubble I’m in most of the time where the world is completely absent to my thoughts or conscience. lol And boy! Does it rattle me when it bursts… But it’s getting easier and easier… Hmmmz… the challenge is really adapting it all and placing your real self in contrast to the world… and not fall into a trap… of me vs. me once again….fears… lol God sure has a creative way in creating obstacles for us… but when you take yourself out and able to reassert yourself… you can distinguish which fear he wants us to reconcur in order to strengthen ourselves… very cheeky… geee… sometimes so painfully cheeky… =P
    So! before I get over excited yet again and loose the plot and go on rambling about other discoveries, theories and what not, I hope you have noticed that there are resources all around you. In history it self. All written. Whether it be a picture or writing. Feng Shui is cool. Adapt that to your personal living space. It will help. lol Be as resourceful as possible and be as creative as you want. Just read up on the structuring and take note of the examples and principles. You will find it hilarious. Oh! Yoga. Your centre of gravity is the centre of everything. All your will power. All forms of strength is located here. =) Hmmmz… well that’s all from me at the moment.
    hmmm… there’s something I would like to bring up… Every Sage has brought upon them a form of mortality as well as a form of purification. You drink and then sweat tears don’t you? Well! That’s one form. =) right? Everyone of us does the sleep deprivation but because you do find it a tad bit hard to be in society as well as keep your true self in tact… as much as possible and not loose your cool… yeah… I thought about that too… I actually did it awhile back. I would run 6kms nearly everyday and 9 exactly after a night of heavy drinking. Hmmmz..at my 21st birthday, I gulped down a whole bottle and a half of another one of hennessay straight shots. 24hours of hennessay. Kills the pain.. Kills the agony and the knowing it all business doesn’t it? Hmmmz… I guess that’s why I heard your message and your various hints. =D I’m glad you exist. I don’t feel alone. =) We have a system of our own. I wonder… hehehe how many others have you managed to get in contact with ay? I get giddy just thinking about it. But one things for sure. I was meant to find you. lol Honestly in the beginning.. I was freaked out… so shocked that I couldn’t believe my eyes… Down to your expression, summary of experiences…and I did try to stay calm… It’s even hard now to remain calm… Jason. Please do come and get me when you want and need. No waiting. Time is Now! My senses have guided me this far. =) I know I need assistance and support. Don’t you? How are you anyway? Hmmz… feel free when you do finally get this to let me know. Yeah… I used to not have anything electronical anywhere near me. But hey! Endless amounts of resources with such convenience. That’s a gift in it self. =) So I’m happy I can let my curiousity go with the flow. Thank you God! =)

    Anyway! When I least expect it.

    Anne Pham

  3. cecilia says:

    I think Michael Jackson had a longing for unity with God and the universe and it shows in many of his songs. In this society unfortunately that is not acknowledged and instead is medicated, “cured’, etc. Fortunately, he left us the longing in his sound, his movements, that thing that he did and is not explainable, it can only be felt. He said that about his dancing, and the idiot of Bashir changed the topic to his face.

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