Jason Mraz Connects Voting With Being Green

checked in on his blog at Blogspot on Tuesday (October 26), talking about the following Tuesday’s elections and his environmental activism. The singer songwriter tells readers:

This year I found both the time and resources to try things outside of my comfort zone – Like traveling to Louisiana to witness the devastation and learn ways I could help take better care of our environment. Not before that trip did I connect voting with being green. It was a powerful epiphany. Some applauded my choice to travel there. Others criticized it.

Regardless of who says what – I don’t take it personally. I thank those people for responding at all. Criticism proves they listened (to some degree). I can recall a time when the demographic my age were considered slackers. I don’t see a trace of that anymore. I only sense do-gooders everywhere. In fact, it’s hard to keep up with all the progress! (Especially the technology – which is but a reflection of the user’s ability.)

Check out the entire message here.

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