Jason Mraz Discusses Feline Death In The Family

updated fans on his blog at MySpace (@jasonmraz) on Tuesday (December 30), discussing the death of his grandparents’ cat. The San Diego singer songwriter tells readers:

My grandma woke me up just after dawn on Christmas Eve with the phone in her hand and distress in her voice. It’s your brother. He needs your help. My parent’s cat was fading in its ninth and final life and we were asked to take the precious fuzzy to the vet for its last rites. Neither of my parent’s could do it. They were too attached. Olivia, a black and white sweetie was too close to the family.

So my brother and I met at our Parent’s house in the kitchen and made a smoothie before going upstairs to collect the cat. Neither of us discussed what we were really there to do. We distracted our guilt with chat about super-foods and sugar alternatives. He and I are the health nuts in the family and possibly the first to make light of the situation we both found ourselves in.

Upstairs we found the kitty in the bathroom. Sleeping? Not sure. She wasn’t responding to her name. Were we too late? I stroked her back with my foot in fear that her lifeless fur would be unsettling and/or turn me into a zombie. She lifted her head and cooed for us. My brother and I jumped in sync not expecting her to react. We were hit men, but without the cool, casual demeanor required for cinema.

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