Jason Mraz Discusses Trip To Ghana

Jason Mraz performing at a radio station in Paris, France updated fans on his blog at MySpace (@jasonmraz) on Thursday (June 17), sounding off on children being exploited for cheap labor or as soldiers and offering some details on his trip to Ghana. The singer songwriter tells readers:

This morning I read a story in the paper about a 9 year-old soldier in Somalia – one of thousands on the front lines in a war supported by the United States. Having seen what I saw in Ghana I totally believe it. The only difference between my trip and this one is kids wielding guns rather than fishing nets. (Well not really. I don’t think the boys on the lake in Ghana are purposely trained to kill you with a knife.) I got present to how poverty stricken nations see children as cheap labor. They’re easy to manipulate and abundant. They’re also cheap to use, if not disposable.

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