Jason Mraz Enters Santa Fe’s Vortex

Jason Mraz talks about 'Freedom Song'Jason Mraz checked in with fans on his Freshness Factor Thousand blog on Thursday (December 9), talking about his time in New Mexico, cows and vortexes. The singer songwriter tells readers:

Santa Fe is thought to be a vortex; a geographical location so energetic it naturally attracts intuits, nudists, and naturalists and forces the visitor and resident alike to find healing thru harmony. It is said to be quite impossible to remain in this energy unless “equilibrium is found by the individual.” (btw I’m standing on one leg as I write this.)

Vortexes are generally unseen yet viewed as swirling tornadoes of light. In Santa Fe, the vortex that lured me in was a tornado of beauty – lush green and adobe brown under a landscape of rich sky blue and red chili spice.

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