Jason Mraz Eventually Blogs About Procrastination

Jason Mraz updated fans on his blog at MySpace (@jasonmraz) on Thursday (April 23) with a lengthy blog about procrastination. The San Diego singer songwriter tells readers:

I might come from a long legacy of procrastinators. The Mraz’s who fled the former Czechoslovakia just prior to World War I may have been the last in our family to be on time. However, after arriving in the USA, none bothered to bring a cut of the family tree or carry on with the language, much less keep track of each other thru the 20th century, unless of course they planned to, but – being Mraz’s, just never got around to it.

My grandfather Papa Razz, passed away when I was 14. In my memory, he was the tallest of all men, designed like a totem pole with stories carved out of his wrinkled smile. He carried an heir of mystery in his silence and in his sarcasm. His eyes sunk deep within his Buddha squint hidden behind frosted glasses. In his lap, I looked up to him as a great whiskey breathed sage. It was hard to imagine his enormous hands having the daintiness to clutch a comb and run it thru his shiny handsome locks, but his hair was always dapper, even in his tattered work clothes and high wasted jeans. He was a welder for most of his years, but for a lifetime and then some, everyone knew him as D. Fixer.

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One thought on “Jason Mraz Eventually Blogs About Procrastination

  1. Anne Pham says:

    hahahahaha!!! You funny one!
    Dude… you can have it all. Hmmmz… think a bit outside the square here ok? =D Stop the blaming ay… you’re forgeting… “things just happen” its only our perspectives that cast a label. All of it was good. He instigated it in a way that you made these choices too. He’s gift? is Inner strength. All your worries… disappointments, grievances… all of it is because you had to grow, learn and win. =D
    Cool cat! I swear… you crack me up… I can’t wait to see you. =D
    *slaps on the wrist* lol you me both… trying to find a balance. Ease up a bit ay! =) Fun Fun Fun!!!! lol

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