Jason Mraz Explains How Tricia Huffman Became His “Joyologist”

answered 12 fan questions on his blog at MySpace (@jasonmraz) on Monday (July 20), including how he meet Tricia Huffman and how she became his “joyologist”. Mraz responded:

Tricia originally came to us as a monitor technician courtesy of Sound Image, our phenomenal audio team behind every live show. She used to create the mix of sounds we hear onstage. More than a year ago she handed in her crew shirt and left the road to deepen her Yoga practice, learn the art of Raw Cuisine, and be free to see whatever came up for her. It wasn’t long before Tricia with the already infectious laugh REALLY exploded with Joy. The first side effect from following her heart was making incredible raw desserts in my kitchen at home. (Oh yea, we became roommates.) The food and overall energy at home was so good, I suggested to Tricia that she join us again on tour – But not doing sound. Instead, I thought it would be sweet to have her bring her delightful creations and inspirations to all. Calling her our “Joyologist” is the way we acknowledge her for the extraordinary job she’s created. Her knowledge of the road, raw food, and rowdy men, partnered with the practice of yoga and patience empowers her to bring so much peace, love, and joy to everyone in our touring community and the extended families (including you) affected by our travels.

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5 thoughts on “Jason Mraz Explains How Tricia Huffman Became His “Joyologist”

  1. Anne Pham says:


    I’ve been intensionally ignoring you since my last response. Although I was so happy to see that I was able to immuse you aswell as myself, I felt that I’ve been becoming more illogical as time goes on and I was finally going to confront you and tell you that I need my own time to focus and strengthen.
    I woke up yesterday drenched in sweat. My heart had been doing the sqeezing sensation all over again the day or two before that. But the dream. I didn’t wake up like it was a nightmare. But it was a very uncomfortable dream and it was in full colour, symbols, signs, numbers and all. And although I have not yet diciphered it, my instincts have already alerted me as much.
    I woke up today, exhausted. As if I’d had a massive workout, over doing it as if I did it to basically pass out the way I used to for years because I wasn’t able to sleep. Hmmm Are you ok Jason?
    Anyway! this early morning, I just about had it and so I went to this site again and was about to type to you as I had planned. But instead I caught myself checking out your responses to 12 questions thing above.

  2. Anne Pham says:

    Before my final enlightenment, I was struck with a challenge laid before me. One of support. The only person I have within my reach who can see things clearly but who has stopped herself in her tracks in terms of progress is a friend’s mother. She does spiritual readings, read facial features just like myself, but… lack in quite a few other areas. And no. I’m just stating the facts. =) Stop it, and hold your horses for a few moments ay! lol =) my friend’s an entrepeneur who has started traveling around the world, starting off with Japan, and his job entitles him to get wasted night after night in bars and pubs, scoping areas for underground night out venues as well as tattoo parlours. Oh I’ve got 9 tattoos by the way. Meh! Just wanted to add that since we’re passing the subject.
    Down to it, his family fused together is kinda an overall view of myself. But lacking the one thing. None of them saw Creator. One sister is a belly dancer, does Yoga and Pilates etc etc. The other sister’s into beauty, relaxation, sensory empowerment. ya di ya di yah! lol
    To summarise. I had before me a choice to get the support I needed but having to “play with and be one of the dogs” as metaphorically as I can put it…slowly saturated my own preferences and loosing my inward peace. Yes. Accept and appreciate all. But as I’m aware I have my own personal specific needs and requirements. I chose not to. Why? because I would be doing it for only self gain and not considering the factors before me. If anything, I believe in progress. All or none. And I’d just be insulting not only myself but them and taking advantage of this good natures. My friend took interest in me and knowing what I know, things become a bit obvious in terms of seeing where other people stand and what they lack within themselves as humans and souls alike. I chose tough love because I assures him and his family to progress because whatever happens later, it will be for the better.
    If anything, knowing that I can do and learn anything I please is the one thing that asserts me from doing this alone. hmmmm but I’ll tell you something. Creator kept giving me more resources and gifts ever since. I wanted knowledge and presto! it appears right before me. Within reason and within my circumstances. Making sure I was aware that he is always looking after me. =) And then you! =)

  3. Anne Pham says:

    hmmmm… would a cat meow at a dog expecting the dog to meow back in response of understanding and sync?
    Hmmm Jason, shove over on that perch ay. We are the same here. Although we try to act accordingly but being cats, the God syndrome does kick in here and there… hmmm I confided in you because I know you know. Don’t try to psycho analyze things with me ay =) I already as you do to yourself as I do to myself. But when I found you, hmmm knowing that I can just freely express myself. lows and highs. That’s friendship. Although I have friends in this mortal life. I’ve just meet a spiritual friend at my level of understanding. Hmmm I act as rolemodel before the world…=) But to you, I can trully say we are equals. I need not be patient. I need not find other methods for metaphorical use to philosophy things lol although I naturally as you do come to use these in free expression. friendships based on equality.
    hmmm… anyway. I expressed what I wanted. Now back on track. there are somethings I wanna share with you. =)

  4. Anne Pham says:

    phew! Now! All better. Years ago I did a bit of research, just because of curiousity. Imagine a metal marble spinning constantly in mid air propelled by magnetics surrounding it. Although we do have electro magnetic energy available in very small expossures… I believe that when we harness this energy properly it would mean only one thing. ultimate, endless supply of energy. Presto! progression. =) Evolution. =) But hmmm… globalisation and magnetic energy is a fused combined project I believe. All for one and one for all. =P
    Hmmm… I’m still wondering if you stopped being a vegan or not but Hmmm… I came up with this random question years back just to full around. Psycho analysising people’s a kick of mine. always has been. always will be. with such kick ass powers and in terms of progress goes, practise makes perfect. I wonder what it will be like in the future. =) Like George Orwell being able to predict the future? =) Geee! I’m excited. lol ok!!! back on the subject. The question I would ask people around me was “If you were stuck over night in a store, which or what kind of store would you like to spend your your time in?” My answer? A mega super market with a paddle pop like stick, like the ones you find as a tester taster in an ice cream parlour. =D lol This popped in my head yesterday. =) Why? You may ask? Because I believe that expossure again develops the brain and the mind it self. =) Allowing all your senses to be immersed in diverse and an array of flavours, herbs , spices, meat, etc. no! I’m not saying to go out and bulldoze the animal kingdom lol the basics that are available are present for the sake of evolution so no need for that. lol red meat alone is proof of that. lol
    hmmm we are naturally inclined to the truth. Very true. =) And each lifetime depicts a certain aspect within ourselves that needs harnessing and further strengthening. =) Unlocking our senses would in turn unlock our minds, memory via senses, thus our cognitive process with deepen. hmmm anyway. Again, it’s all up to you and whatever makes you happy and what ever you believe is good for you. =) meh! Your life after all.

    hmmmm Anyway, I gave you my address and contact number already so yeah. I’m always here when ever you want.

    Hmm =) This kitty has gotta bounce. Take it easy now hey? hmmm… watch out on the grey… scepticism and hypocritism is a trip and a half. *scratches head* “we both know that* stay sharp. But hey… whatevers fine. Be happy. Stay cool and calm. lol And relax ay. =) If you feel like poking, hold back and do silence first. =) lol or maybe not. =P get as mad and angry as possible and then! laugh it all off. =)


  5. fran says:


    hmm… I think Anne is a bit crazy.

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