Jason Mraz Falls Deeper In Love With Mother Earth

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updated fans on his blog at MySpace (@jasonmraz) on Saturday (April 17), taking alternative measures to get from city to city on tour thanks to the volcanic ash cloud covering much of Europe and grounding most flights. The San Diego singer songwriter tells readers:

On a bus, somewhere between London and Zurmatt, Switzerland – somewhere between the hours of too hot to sleep and too swervy to think straight – I am upright and up writing, excited to be back on a tour bus. With all flights grounded throughout most of upper and Western Europe, we hired a bus to get us off the British Isle and safely to our gig on time. It’s times like this drive across the surface that I fall deeper in love with Mother Earth. Her gentle and devastating eruptions remind us that our being here is both precious and miraculous and that our schedules are miniscule compared to hers. While we communicate with each other and seek to waste our time wisely, she is in constant communication with the rest of the galaxy, and at that scale, we’re but an accessory added to her earthen apparel that at any moment could become decidedly out of fashion.

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