Jason Mraz: Give To Others For My Birthday

updated fans on his blog at MySpace (@jasonmraz) on Monday (June 22), talking about celebrating his 32nd birthday. The singer songwriter tells readers:

Ever since I can remember, when leaning into an illuminating display of candles over a cake, I’ve said these very words at wish time. Though superstition suggests you not tell others what you wish for, as it might not come true, I’ve always kept it to myself.

But now I’m old enough to know better. If it’s a wish, tell all. Faith is a powerful tool, but so are the deeds of thousands of people who might hear your call.

This year, instead of gifting anything to me (even though we love your hand rolled and twice baked goods thrown onto the stage) I’m asking that you be extra generous in your giving to others.

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9 thoughts on “Jason Mraz: Give To Others For My Birthday

  1. Anne Pham says:


    Did you used to wish for happiness… to be loved… to know how to love? to know what loving yourself means? … *sighs with a smile* =) Am I right? I sent a letter to you today…finally…I’ve been wondering if I would upset everything if I did. =) Again.. thank you for your honest and ernest message of love to the world. The song “I’m yours” is all life’s lessons…spiritual enlightenment all roll up in a beautiful song. Welldone!
    I knew it was. Even before my awakening..and it’s been on my mind ever since… I had to grab a hold of the lyrics on the net and presto! Like a puzzle. Each line fit. That’s when I grabbed your po. box ad and such a battle..asserting myself. Making sure that I wasn’t disturbing a balance. The curiousity factor. lol The cat, laundary, gardening…and the fact you said it right out alloud! =) I was thrilled! I was right! hmmmz… I’m at present wondering what on earth to do really… living like a sage and not quite knowing how to get back into reality. lol hermiting away.
    I really could go on and on and on. =) The centre of gravity hypens all your will power and inner strength. sports is a great way of strengthening it. Until every movement is… effortless. =) Ever since I don’t know… for aslong as I could remember… everyone around me always described me as crazy, unique, different and it was the same with you ah? different people understood different parts of you. But the more you spoke… the further away you seemed from everyone and the connection of understanding could always only come to a certain degree. The one and only thing I would want most is to be able to honestly and ernestly express myself to someone who understands. I wanna gibber about the pyramids. Eygpt and how they worshipped cats. why the world back tracked from that era. The coolest thing about the global economic fall at present. cycles of life. Colours and their meannings on people and using it where ever you go. even on the road whilst driving! I dunnoz… share my story. lol And movies!!! Gee I don’t know whether or not they are compiled so accurately like your song or by accident. The secret life of bees. Little miss sunshine. The city of Violence, House of flying Daggers, Fearless, Duelist to name a few. Down to the colour scheme of their costumes! its amazing!!! lol And books like the bible, cather in the rye, the little prince. your song! All of these examples are exactly the same! lol And I know you know that too! which is hilarious! To finally be able to relate to someone. I’ve waited for this day and now that I can finally do this. lol I really did trip on about the issue of disconnecting the balance of things and whether it was appropriate. But the funniest thing was? The conclusion? lol Everything’s pre-determined. Down to our reactions in life. All in fact, predictable, if you analyze it all. lol I dunno… my curious nature. And my love of puzzles. I understood what was going on when I submited to it. lol as in my letter a summary of how you could describe it would be “to be focused out of focuss” “to be sure of yourself yet let go to insanity” “be in control while knowing you have no control what so ever” lol hmmmz… Love loved love loved love! I swear.. you got it down!!! Simply amazing!!! lol and… hey… hmmm… dude… it was a major roller coaster ay? =D But we made it! hehehe
    I know that I could be glued to this screen forever and be in this bubble for aslong as I desire. lol Knowing that I can go on for days on end without sleep. But I musn’t.. =) which is a shame. =P But! I can’t believe it. I think John travolta is one. But I dunnoz… he struggles with one thing I believe. also oprah.. hmmz… she’s not so happy atm… lol she really should change from having dogs to cats. =P maybe that would help. lol but meh! everyone’s everyone and no matter what we can’t do anything about it. We have no control of what people do. We can not force or try to show or teach people anything. All we can do is do it ourself.
    Jason… hmmz… I don’t want to change anything that you are doing. But I do worry about the god syndrome thing… hmmz… I sure hope you are ok. That’s how global progress back tracked… the pyramids… great intentions and it worked for a short while…but… I believe the phoero or however you spell it got a tad bit carried away and went over board… hence the extremists using religion… the religious war… hmmz… all these enlightened people were able to write down these stories… reclaim the lessons…but hey you can’t help silly silly people right? =) I just hope that people are able to connect the dots and I do believe we are getting there. slowly but surely. hmmz… I even thought about success and what it would bring to me if I just went for it. And in the end? honestly Jason… you can’t stop them from doing anything ok? And even giving to charity… hmmz… poverty is only created through people not being true to themselves… it’s like the butterfly example where a person trys to help a butterfly ouf of a cocoon by placing a slit as it seemed it was struggling…The butterfly died soon later because it’s wings did not build strength and it wasn’t strong enough to fly…People will not appreciate you and will do their best to out do you. lolz people will go on and on being fanatics and when they realize that there isn’t a response? they will eventually find out that they are fans of themselves. lol ah wellz… I dunnoz… I really shouldn’t have said that! =P lol now I can’t steal your time in reading this! lol totally hypotritically sceptical yes… I should be shifting my ass somewhere else but there’s another thing I loved in your interpretation. “We sing. we dance. we steal things.” Simple! yet? a perfect truth! lol brillant methaphor.

    ok! So because I know you are just as curious as I am which is why you have a blog because you do want to know what other people think and you are able to freely express yourself. somewhere anywhere!! lol I would really love it if you replied or make contact with me.
    Oh!!! If you are in Melbourne, Australia please do give me a holler! Gee! It would be the cherry on my cupcake =D
    My details are as follows. Obviously you and I know both that age is but a number. Everything and everyone lives under one sky and blah blah… lol I could come out shooting with this really lol you too =P oh! I know that Confusious is spelt with a a c not an s =P but hey! It’s destiny. =) So it makes me happy to keep it. It’s a part of me after all. ok!

    =D It’s strange sometimes.. I wonder what I’d say to another enlightened soul. But then what would I say to myself? =P
    I hope you enjoyed my funny email. Not much of a reply but meh!!! lol And! I do hope you enjoy your day. Make it fun and exciting… And… remember to go outside. close your eyes. block everything out. breathe. release and smile! lol But then again… I’m just really reminding myself too. Let’s do our best. Jason… you are amazing. You are the only one I know who has reached global status without being in the shaddows like novel and script writers. =) I’m so proud of you. I bet everyone is.

    Cheers!!! =D

  2. Anne Pham says:


    lol I felt weird saying ass. I meant butt. lol arse. lol =P ooh goose bumps.

    ok! cheers!

    Anne Pham

  3. Anne Pham says:

    oh! I came up with something that might help. =D When I feel this way… and on the verge of giving up… I take my bike and dare myself to ride from one destination to another and back. You can make it as challenging as you want it to be. But! you must be honest to yourself first and know that no matter what you will complete it. No matter what! lol My enlightenment occured when I rode from Fitsroy through Melbourne all the way to Dandenong North where I was located at the time. I had a lesson like more that I will be facing later on with the God syndrome… Immediately when I started laughing out loud knowing I had all this power, I fell off the bike. flew actually and my knee caps ended up all colours of the rainbow… mud all over me lol And being human I took a detour to the bakery because I knew it was open by this time. I ran out and started this journey at 4am in the morning. My instincts have never failed me. And innately I knew I had to be true to myself I jumped to and left a friends appartment. lol it was so cool. It was meant to be. He said the words. ” fish have to swim” and he let me go off into the wilderness lol as I’d describe it without hesitation but with total support without any explaination of any kind. =D Anyway! At the bakery, I already knew they would see me as a drug addict or something. not having any sleep what so ever for a few days, covered in scratches and mud lol but I smiled and carried on like I always do and I was able to share something with them and unravel something within their own nature. =D Any way! what I’m trying to say is when ever you feel as though you can’t go the distance do something like that. The key source as you already know is your centre of gravity so I dunnoz.. swimming, surfing, break dancing, base ball! =D the object of reason as to why the olympics was established. Greek mythology. =D they were kindda getting there and getting on track…but errrr…what can we do with extremists and silly silly people ay? lol but don’t give up! =D It just makes our task much more challenging. And Gee! I do love challenges. I’m sure it goes for us both.

    To finally have someone to talk to! Jason, you do not know just how lucky I feel. He is awesome!!! lol He’s like zeus lol but very playful and child like. kinda like us in a way. He keeps giving us presents from all angles and in different perspectives. We just have to believe him and presto! the gift appears right in front of us. Unraveling it and making use of it, enjoying it and entertaining ourselves with it. I dunnoz… =D it’s so cool! lol
    Anyway! a hop skip and a jump! lol

    Take care friend. I swear!!!! I’m so glad I found you! I’m so happy. hahahahahaha. HI 5!!! lol

  4. Anne Pham says:

    Hey there,

    One of my biggest fears is the fear to shine. I know… don’t let life happen to you, make life happen for you. I know that everyone goes through the same thing, just different ways of getting there. And it’s also the same with the enlightened… The way in which we all get here is different but the same. The same pain, the same lessons, the same thing…but through various routes…
    Your strength is that one weakness I have and funny enough… just by reading your blogs and listening to acouple of other songs you have released.. I know that your weakness is my strength. I also know that your sense is not as hypened yet hence the out breaks and still piecing the puzzle together. But once you do, it will be amazing. Because you are able ot be completely free.
    Did you ever wish for someone to understand you? To get you? Did you always feel as if you were completely alone until it happened? Yet you struggle now thinking are you suppose to give your self to God or be the best of you possible as a human being and accepting all of God’s gifts around you???
    I’m writing now because I’ve had it. hmmmz… Making life happen for me… although now that I understand exactly where everyone is in life… I’m still phased in the fact that sure… I know we have no control of what everyone does… But because we have such power… do we have a right to use it for our own benefit? I know… The gift of being human…
    All I’ve ever wanted is to share honest and ernest love. Bear children and have a companion based on companionship not dependency… But as human beings… and now an enlightened one… hmmz… although love is all around and I embrace it freely. And if God gave romantic love also to everyone as a gift. We are then allowed to be completely free. utterly! no strings nothing attached. just plain simplicity at the most right? If I close off my heart in that way hoping for that day to come? Am I not being graceful in living the NOw? And if I just prod along and endevour in anything… I already know where everyone is around me. their needs, wants, desires. insecurities.. FEARS! …Then you are just playing it out for your benefit again… =( I know… I shouldn’t submit myself to quesitoning everything and I should just let it be. Because everything is pre-destined anyway… But I honestly don’t know what to do in this instance… I want to be completely free… I want to be as innocent as a child. loving and caring. I want to emerce myself in my curiousity. I want my own garden. I miss my cat… and I wish I had an opportunity to raise another one… I can’t even do this self love anymore and I’m constantly reduced to tears…
    I know…I’m here for a reason.. I know the reason… But knowing… I want to be covered in white of ignorance and for the world to let me be… as much as I love it. As much as I care… my heart can’t take this… and I know this is the most wonderful gift God has given me… And I know he wants me to be strong… Because all I’ve ever wanted ever since I could remember was to have the biggest heart in the world and be able to help everyone… And I know the lesson. He want’s me to go into the unknown. distance myself from everything…Him… fulfill my dreams in order to hold the world and then come back…
    I need strength… I need unconditional love
    *breathes in and out*
    hmmm…. lol Damn… I’m silly =D I just need to believe… =D ok…
    lol thanks Jason… I dunnoz… even if to anyone else, this would really sound crazy…but I know you understand. lol =P made you laugh? hahahhaha….getting there.



  5. Anne Pham says:


    Jason, driving is a way to practice your stkills. It’s human that you are driving because you know it’s not so good to the earth. =) But you use all your other skills and strengthen yourself at the same time. Self control etc. With the radio on, every song that you tune into will reflect upon your mood and you can click from one station to another. Take notice playfully of the cars around you. Oh! do drive manual. It’s like surfing or biking. You change from different gears where neccessary. down gearing when you are going up hill etc and when you do a turn or go down hill/slope you chuck it into neutral and there you have it! the going with the flow. Hmmmz.. you will enhance your observative skills by recognition of colours. lol it will entertain you I’m sure. oh! everyone will test you in one way or another on the road and eventually you will be able to connect the colours to the type of actions you will witness. Note though, to remember to go with your flow. lol you will find that if you go with the flow of things. it will also be a tad bit frustrating. And there’s where it get’s even more fun. YOu will be able to eventually adapt your self to the scene along with everyone’s actions that you will eventually be able to forsee or find predictable. Hmmz eg. white cars will usually go by the speed limit and usually wont take any risks what so ever. unless they are in a transitional phase and you will see this by the speed they go by or whether or not they seem to try to speed up to you. =) sounds funny I know. but lol =D You will enjoy this. oh!!! whenever I feel down, I go to a retail store to the children’s books section and pick up a mr. men little miss books. =) It will help you. I dunno whether or not the person responsible for these books did it on purpose or just by instinct but they will help you. I know it helps me. Eventually you will be mr. happy all over again once you reflect upon the book that relfects upon your mood at the time. Also, it reminds you that you are human. And I bet you will feel much more at peace and certain once more.

    Ok! =) Let’s do our very best!!!

    cheers friend

  6. Anne Pham says:

    Hey!!! I came to my senses!!! here’s what I placed on my Facebook page: NOW! I’m ready to give all my love to the world! whether it be tough, soft, short or sweet. You will get it all baby. All of it and this cool cat ain’t holding back. For example! =D “I love you” can be concealed under the words “f**k you!” for instance.

    No one will understand the deeds of a Modern Sage. lol Again!!!, that’s why I’m so glad you’re around. lol AWESOME OF THE MOST AWESOMENESS KISS LOL
    Let’s do our very best! You know what I’ve always wanted to be? An artist. =D Back on the horse I go.
    One day though, I do want to learn how to fly a plane, learn the fundamentals in architecture of how an igloo’s dimensions are formulated. =D See the northern lights in the sky, touch a pyramid just to name a few. And most definitely see you and give you a HI 5 one day! =D

    Madness!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! BOO-YAH from a cool cat to another. WE SIMPLY ROCK!!!

  7. Anne Pham says:


    Strange things… more like because I’m very aware of everything… it all makes sense and I can’t help but laugh… Whenever I want something. I need something or I want to do something. With or without any connection, it appears right in front of me…
    Ok the reason to this message. Honestly??? I’m not sure what on earth is happening… I really didn’t anticipate for me to recieve your message of ernest and honest love to the world. And the fact that I get it. I mean… I get what on earth is happening because it’s happening to me as well… I’ve tried to stay calm but now I’m not sure how abouts to go on with life… I can’t leave this aside. I have always wanted to help this world in some way. I was just starring at my figurine thing I have before me.. visually, it’s a line of cats like monks all individually holding different items like representing different areas in terms of knowledge and expression harnest by man… there are seven… and I did not do anything to relate it to anything. I just smiled at it and continued on trying to do normal things on the internet. checking mail etc.
    Then! for some reason, although I’ve used the word “Sage” before in my search engine.. this time… something completely different popped up. Seven Sages… and when I opened it up… this is found common in Greece, China, India… and I had to message you here and now.
    I honestly do not undnerstand a thing that is happening. And as for my artwork?? I’ve already produced my piece of honest and ernest love for a Robert Escudier a retired banker who used to work in New York towering over a massive population of employees and subbordinates…
    Dude… I need to be honest here. A friend also mentioned he was going to Los Angeles not so long ago… But now…everything is coming to a stand still and this is the only thing I can think of.
    I know this sounds completely ludicrus but I know that you can’t help but sometimes get so angry and end up laughing your lungs out… because all around you… it’s like the worlds gone mad!! and you see how insane everything really is and how common sense is but something of the past!!! There’s a saying… In order for something to realize how ridiculous they are. You should do something just or more ridiculous infront of them. =) And I trully have a different view on everything. expecially the insane. the difference is… the insane chose that root because they were emotionally unable to assert themselves further… depth perception… and they lost track of logic… and more or less faith.
    I have faith that all this is about something and is meant to play out this way. And me being me I would not hesitate to express myself. And because you are you. you couldn’t help yourself but openly confirm to the world your enlightenment. Even without confirming this. I would have made contact with you anyway because that song is everything in a nutshell and I really do wonder how many others get it. But you secretly wanted the world to know that you were a Sage and it’s a call.
    What I trully want?? Is for you to come and fetch me asap. Provide me with a working via. I’ll do anything.
    “All you need is to honestly and openly tell the world what you want…and the world will answer”
    I have no reasoning. I have no further explainations. This is the only truth I know and I can’t bottle it up any longer. I honestly didn’t even know how you looked like. All I heard was your lyrics.. and that was all that I needed to know.

    Jason. Whatever happens, happens. I wonder what of the next life though hey? =)


  8. Anne Pham says:


    Please do check this out. I believe we are twin flames. I dunno but I’d bet my life on it. again and again and again.

  9. Anne Pham says:

    this ones more help on the matter
    So funny. a divinity of unconditional love. =D awesome!!!

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