Jason Mraz Hardly Phased By Touring Anymore

checked in with fans on his Blogspot on Sunday (October 3), offering his thoughts on how he is a bit on auto pilot while on the road. The singer songwriter tells readers:

After nearly 10 years of touring I hardly seemed phased by it anymore. Only audiences continue to challenge me – the rest is a blur I let my subconscious deal with. The dash between cities; the wait, the transporting of humans and stuff, the load-ins and load-outs, the packing and unpacking of a tractor-trailer – this is what touring is 22 hours of the day. A well-oiled machine made possible by a family of technical geniuses who have the ability to see the big picture when unpacking miles of cable each morning.

When I arrive in a city on a day off, I sometimes forget to look up to see which hotel chain I’ll be entrusting with my sleep and valuables. My faith lay in management for them to select hotels that meet our standards for business-traveler-earth-friendly-excellence.

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