Jason Mraz Is A Vampire Songwriter

Jason Mraz Levi's Pioneer Sessions

checked in with fans on his blog at MySpace (@jasonmraz) on Friday (July 23), discussing how he used to be the king of sneaky sleep while in school, only to grow up to continue to be someone who liked to nap in the day and get his work done at night. The singer songwriter tells readers:

As an adult – as someone who is the creator of his experience, I am fortunate to surround myself with those who bugger off if I collapse into a coma while on the job. They know I work best in the evening anyway – which is when everyone knows I write my best sh**. It’s the vampire writer in me, thirsty for the blood of life, some kind of innocent truth. After everyone leaves I hole up in the studio, get wicked on green tea and work my mumbles into something magical. By the AM, all faith is restored in the community, if it were ever lost.

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One thought on “Jason Mraz Is A Vampire Songwriter

  1. Anne Pham says:

    Hmm…knew you would pick up on that… =) I was trying to reassure you that I’m not one of them sicko deciphering freaks striping your life apart… I do not do, which is not loving.. doesn’t mean I don’t check up on you on occasions..=) though the truth is… still… I am without an answer… This is me typing in real time. no editing. lol nothing much. just flushing thoughts. my mind exceeds my body. and that is sometimes a challenge of which when wavering thoughts press against by soul.
    Hmmm… this will be my final post/s to you Jason Mraz. I will lay it all here. You experienced the same thing too ay? the itching, scratching…hmmm…you can say its the overwhelming of feeling than being. Or you can also strongly suggest that it’s being untrue… I tried denying all of this. As sketchy as it all seems. It’s not me wasting time. lol I am particular about my time and how I choose to use it.
    So…here I’ll trip you out for the final time.

    I created a map of my life using numerology. people with 11’s are neo romantics. double digits, activists. both? neo activists. which I am.
    Let’s begin with what’s close to my heart. My family. I must correct myself as it was only assumption of my father’s identity of the time to be a butterfly aka neo romantic. lol though processing it now. indeed he stands as is. So. Pham bao Toan. 6.6.1958 life path 8 urge 9 expression 1 and karmatic of 1. my brother John 3.7.1987 life path 8 urge 5 expression 4 and karmatic of 8. my sister 21.03.1982 life path 7 urge 3 expression 6 and karmatic of 11(2)= butterfly aka neo romantic. myself. 27.01.1986 life path 7, urge 7 expression 9 and karmatic of 11 (2). my youngest brother 03.07.1987 life path 8 urge 3 expression 7 and karmatic 4. hmm pressing on
    the 1,7 and 8 that played in my household. verifying once again numerology. though obviously “dah” strikes to the head but it’s just my way. because being the knowing…kinda creepy when you’re the only one who walks it. anyway! childhood friend since I was 3 yrs old. the DJ I mentioned ages ago. Michael Olifent. 21.06.1985 lifepath 5 urge 8 expression 8 and karmatic of 9. the primary school friend I mentioned. fiona luc 21.01 1986 lifepath 9 urge 1 expression 9 and karmatic 2. her best buddy farah begini 29.11.1986 lifepath 1 urge 7 expression 8 and karmatic of 1.
    pressing on! the girl that I accidentally knocked over during the indoor soccer match I recall telling you about. Sarah Ross. lifepath 8 urge 8 expression 11(2) and karmatic 3. close buddy since I was 15, the time I moved out of home. trung le. lifepath 6 urge 8 expression 7 and karmatic 8. his very close friend, someone I meet on my 21st birthday, the only person who came uninvited. =) Chris Nguyen lifepath 11(2) urge 8 expression 8 and karmatic 9. he is no incidentally the one I score off. so figure that!!! the friend the over dosed on heroin. I got my first tattoo during high school with him. 19.11.1985 lifepath 8 urge 1 expression 8 and karmatic 7. a photographer at the clubs. club network friends. =) andrew wilson hiew 28.12.1984 lifepath 8 urge 8 expression 4 and karmatic 5. ok! now!!!
    my class at school. all of them but 3 are all activists and neo activists to be. something ay!!!!!!??? my first yr of living. =) trully… wow… =) lucky!
    ok another high school killester college. Christina jong. 19.02.1986 lifepath 8 urge 8 expression 4 and karmatic 5. rmit. jarrad chappell 20.08.1981 lifepath 11(2) urge 9 expression 8 karmatic 8. and then drawing to leonie chappell which her real name at birth is leonie joy rowan 20.12.1956 lifepath 8 urge 11(2) expression 1 and karmatic 8. jarrads mother aka earth angel.
    drawing backwards. my bad… to the class that I’m in this year at swinburne tafe, hawthorn campas. I can draw out all the numbers of the entire class I kid you not! but for relevance sake, I will prod on.
    Richard Quach and Jason Ung. two people I chose to hang around with, knowing indistinctly the synergy. guess what… Jason Ung 20.08.1991 lifepath 3 urge 1 expression 11(2) and karmatic 1. Richard Quach 21.04.1991 lifepath 8 urge 5 expression 4 and karmatic of 8. Fatime Bojku 19.05.1991 lifepath 8 urge 6 expression 5 and karmatic 8. and then there our Blake Lorey!!! 12.02.1991 lifepath 7 urge 8 expression 7 and karmatic 8.
    ok!!!! now! I have verified 6 degree separation. literally. I mean…no matter where you go, when or how..you will automatically be connected to the exact numbers that compliment. I mean…ok… Jason, Richard and I 1,7 and 8 again another derivative from my family triangle. and the combo of Fiona and Farah Begini.
    then the guys I mentioned from earth angels. note: the 11 which is why I’m pretty unisex in my take off. =) johnathan jung. 11.10.1987 lifepath 9 urge 11(2) expression 8 and karmatic 6. 6…which is why we have our differences. and hiep hung lien. an intense 7-9 year friendship.. and questioned other. 27.08.1984 lifepath 3 urge 8 expression 11(2) and karmatic 7. hmmmm…oh! cafe sienna the place on chapel street I was working at for over a year because heading on to rowlands. hollee Michelle could 25.04.1988 lifepath 1 urge 8 expression 7 and karmatic 8.
    honestly. I did not pick and choose. lol yes I did. but without knowing. it was. is as it is.. hmmm every point in time…88 was around. =) every where…
    and finally…rajat verma. usa. 9.12.1986 lifepath 9 urge 8 expression 1 and karmatic 11(2). hmmm…yours Jason Mraz. 23.05.1977 lifepath 8 urge 8 expression 9 and karmatic 1.
    …if you really have found her… then please do change your status from single to in a relationship…hmmm…even the gelati…only during the winter I find myself standing in front of the glass screen selecting a flavor. hmmm…one of those things I spoil myself with. =) like an escargot I would time myself getting in the morning as I wind up my 60minutes square timer and place it in my pocket to scurry to the bakery..and afterwards holding it in mid air, in glory lol before holding it close to my chest as I rush back to class. =) lil things to remind myself of me. =) putting necessities and ambitions aside. hmmm my primary needs are always the first to go. thankfully sok leang te. also she has a birth date, it isn’t her real one. hmmm…nor does my mother due to immigration what not reasons. but both innately psychic. =) I also found someone with all four 9’s. what an anomaly. I mean…how does he function I wonder? =P I also spotted 3 people with triple numbers in play along with a 3,1 and 9. =) pretty wicked stuff actually…. ok…so I’m actually playing veils upon veils now as I just crap on… hmmmm…. is it strange that a person on the other side of the world knows you more than anyone else in the world? and actually know it. I didn’t pick out and select people to post up on here. this is what it is. this is my life and coincidentally, these people are those people I distinctly define as tight. my home boys. my bubbz…these guys and girls all feel me.. I them.

    It was only when I renounced it all, that the itching, swelling stop. NOW…THAT WAS FREAKING IRRITATING. argh!!!

    hmmm… I honestly do not know how to move on.
    =) rajat… =) I really did think…maybe…just maybe I am 1% incorrect hmmmm neha kalra 31.12.1991 lifepath 9 urge 8 expression 9 and karmatic 8. hmmm… I too thought it may be the case. it could be 99. but nothing…at all lay in my findings… why? because I already possess the 9 and the 11…
    so…as certain as I am…as I can go and find yet another tool…and that will none the least do the same with my mind, heart and soul..even my friend marc harrison from boxhill high, my cuddly teddy bear that I’d freely grop and affectionately address all so casually, marc harrison 08.03.1986 lifepath 8 urge 8 expression 11(2) and karmatic 3. hes a qualified solicitor studying medicine now? hmmmz he kindda just went off the map in recent time. its either med now or cont. with law and doing masters. either way.
    so…….no I was not clever enough to create names and birthdates from out of thin air. pythgoras derives from plato. that being said… einstein, di vinci, maslow, newton. all then to #$%t and this earth too!
    Hmmmm….. I now wonder what on earth am I doing ere then… I mean… the dream of business and enterprise? lol I’m doing management in business…next is 2nd yr. with half a year off because strangely enough I’m also doing retail management. I thought I was doing human resources from the get go. that was what I signed up for. and half way!? I’m…me! doing management! learning how to be a leader and a manager. and 2nd year. entrepreneurship in commerce. and due to the liberal arts, I get access to the international scope, minors in international studies and trade..or whatever….
    *argh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!111* =(
    If there is doubt…as I have no longer a foot to stand on…but those that have projected this image. I honestly… if…you are truly in love Jason Mraz.. =) there may still be hope for me. As ultimately you will be able to answer my question. As no one else can.
    hmmm…funny ay…since it’s my last post.

    Hmmm…i honestly wish I could see your face and just look into your eyes and see. for myself. I honestly wish I could smile and let you know that no matter what, everything’s going to be alright. I wish I truly could be by your side and just be. forever curious.
    hmmm…life is a dream…such a dream of my waking day that now my slumber is filled with nothing else but of mandalas…

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