Jason Mraz: Life Is Just A Kaleidoscope

is offering his thoughts on how he relates to the infamous “double rainbow” YouTube video in his latest blog at MySpace (@jasonmraz). The singer songwriter and environmental activist writes:

Quite honestly, this is how I feel in relationship these days. Even more disgustingly, the word “creationship” comes to mind when referring to what my partner and I have – both of us in full-on dream/manifesting mode – that which is both the cause of our reunion and the cleverness of our daily progress.

What I’ve come to see is how life is just a kaleidoscope, light bouncing off of light – people being mirrors for everyone else’s light. I’m starting to realize our God and Goddess power by allowing our two dreams to merging as one. I suppose the deeper we go in this creation game we’ll end up with a baby. Is there anything more creative than that?

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One thought on “Jason Mraz: Life Is Just A Kaleidoscope

  1. Anne Pham says:

    =p you know the picture story I came up with? errr….yet again…it rattles me…No matter what I do know..my outcomes…all are of a love fool… I wonder just how to operate as I know and understand myself on a deeper level.. Hmmm… The Picture story… I will post it up ay…it’s a mock up. I swear….THIS WHOLE THING’S A TOTAL TRIP! I started collecting postcards at 15 after I left home. My first card is “If you do not adore and love me…return this card. I do not waste money on strangers!” =) I found myself picking up cards from cafe’s and restaurants….Hmmm… I have one card..that I over looked…like the picture story… Hmmm… I will post them up soon…I just need a breather ay. =) “To call upon Action… Compromise…” Hmmm… I don’t believe.. I can separate everything..it’s all the same. operating alone…seems like clockwork and I’m an idiot who can only aspire what has already been written…predestined…as you too, get the thing about creation. before we were created. we already chose. chose everything…as it is… How long will I walk these days with understanding all that is around me? hopeless and useless…these words have always laid an indentation on my own projection of myself.. as what is there to do next? I mean… stupid is as stupid goes… =) Hmmm… creating love…which is the highest regard of life and all that is. I dunno… I always have seen it to be something to esteem to. something to embrace with much pride and privilege.. Hmmm… will it be globalization and multiculturalism that will swerve…or will it be homosexuality and equal rights to marriage? =) And… really… =) who are the people who can change anything but those who live it. get it. delt with it all… Hmmm… to lay a face of a hero…who has not lived the path… =) It’s how long…until they all blow up and snap out of it. =) Time is slow and steady. =) Why rush the world? when I can honestly and quite literally tell you that everything is going accordingly. As planned.
    Mraz… Life is too short. It’s always the case.When you have a problem… everyone tends to go around and around and around…the answer though is always right before you. And upon realizations… everyone realizes just how small it all was…How simple.
    Life is simple. it’s just not that easy. =)
    More or less…we are the sparks that went off course for a bit. And due to karmatic clauses…these skills etc were granted to equalize everything. Protection. defenses whatever… but in the end… its all to get us all back on course. as awareness leads to direction of where we all belong in this world and finding our ways. These ways are ours. =) The karmatic lesson of knowing and living with it all. And? To be human. =) One and fore most…Hmmm… kids wanting to be famous and what not. having the latest gadgets and in tune to the latest craze… a lot of littering…a lot of damage and “we” due to our intenseness create this environment…ourselves… a cloud of thoughts…
    tripping myself out is as exciting as it is a major head f**k…

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